Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks | Demo and Review


Hey guys! I hope you like the video 🙂
* theres actually 4 that I’m missing but I got all that I could track down – I would give my left tit for those 4 colors tho lmao

Heres a couple of Websites (THAT I DONT MAKE MONEY OFF OF) Where you can find these babes :
Wet n Wild –
Walgreens –

All Music in this video is from DJ QUADS- I hope you like him cause theres a lot of him in this video lmao –

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  1. You look real pretty. Like Snow White and the seven dwarfs. The princess. I think you should consider auditioning at Disneyland to be snow white I think it would be a hit. Seriously you already have this YouTube channel it’s basically acting already. Madonna is the famous singer dancer and actress when she became a singer it was just an accident. She wanted the part very badly so she lied and said she could sing. Every body knows the rest of the story. She’s rich she’s famous a lot of people like her singing. You can do it just try audition and let me know what happens?

  2. Oh yeah…forgot to say in my comment..I also love that berry recognize on you! Gorgeous shade..I absolutely love the wet n wild liquid catsuit lipcolors..so affordable and perfect..I could literally live in their colors.

  3. You look amazing in the nudie patootie and the goth one. My two favorites on you!!..and you also look great in the nudist peach. No matter what though..you are so glamorous and pretty, I'm so jealous! 🙂

  4. Are you wearing contacts? If you are can you send me the link? I love your eyes. I like your makeup too. I wish I knew how to do mine like that.

  5. Omg I wish I had found your channel earlier your skin tone is similar to mine so I can actually compare what lipstick may look good on me. Thank you so much for making videos.

  6. I dont understand how Nudist Peach applies so perfect on your lips. I have tried it on my lips million different ways but cant get even application. The color gives me life and then the formula sucks it out of me… anyone knows any good lipstick formula in that nude peach color? I have medium brown indian complexion.

  7. Give me Mocha is such a beautiful terra-cotta red! It looks beautiful on so many different skin tones, but really pops on my fair skin! It's like a darker version of a neutral for me (and i'm loving for it!) Pick it up if you find it!!

  8. oh — how do you recommend to take them off during the day if they begin to wear off . u know vs just re apply ing. do u carry anything special to take them off? when I placed it on my mom. I looked away and then back – and dang- she smiled and got it all over her teeth and then in the bottom. we were trying and Ombre affects. we had fun. pink on top and goth on bottom. my niece asked if she was joining the circus. I told my mom — these are so far off my comfort zone !! which is why I wanted to try something New!! just like carrying my daughter's new pet lizard – on my shoulder and I even take him into the shower with me! must still find a concealer that won't burn my eyes. help

  9. okay, fine !!!!! I went out of town and took extra cash to make sure I could pick up some new make up in new locations / stores that are bigger and carry more. This one was my first! I ran to the isle and the manager was yelling that everything in cosmetics was 20% off and $1 off from Maybelline. so perfect. got 3 lips and one foundation poreless Matt Maybelline in a few shade lighter as I noticed the classic Tan was to dark.
    Love the way it applies and looks Until it dries. then my lips shrivel up and shrink. the color becomes so Flat and bright. Nothing like the Beautiful Messie. tried it on my mom and the same thing. tried the gel LINNER also. we tried the dark gothic and a pink dolly. . sigh. okay. I went and I tried and not sure for now..

  10. I did grab the (don't know the name)bold fuchsia pink one but I put it back .Such a dumbass😭But I'll get it next time

  11. All the colors looked soo good on you! The orange one was my favorite on you. I had bought three of these liquid lips but I don't know what happened, maybe I got a bad batch but the formula was really bad. I was most excited about the orange one because it looked similar to flame thrower by Jeffree Star but it was really streaky and just not good. I will try buying another color from them and see if it really was a bad batch or if they just aren't that good because so many people seem to be liking them so much.

  12. Oh my gosh! The colors are so beautiful on you! I should consider getting a few at some point! The nude and lighter colors looked so gorgeous on you! The others looked awesome as well! Love it! ❤

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  14. OMGOSH 😍 Those are so pretty! When I eventually start my channel I'm gonna do a series named "Jess made me buy it". 😂 lol

  15. what's your favorite perfume??? I want to try the YSL mi amor. anyone tried it??????? does anyone use coconut oil for face scrub and to remove the make up ?? it takes it all off. then I hope in the shower and the rest just conditions my face.

  16. I just bought rebel rose yesterday and I already love it 🤗 It's better in my opinion than the stila stay all days

  17. Q:have u tried the Manny Mua x geek pallet? I saw another YouTuber who got the fake from Geek whatever for $12 because they were out of the real one. can anyone tell me — does it say – hey this is the fake ?!! the nubian2. is one I would love to get and the fake one looked real good again — does the site say Alliexpress version ??

  18. YES! Omg I love these! I don't even have a favorite because they've all become my babies. it took me a good month to find all of them because the drugstores near me are always low in stock of Wet n Wild products! I had to go to their website to get the last one! Which was Nudie Patootie lol But omg every shade looks great on you and I think Nudist Peach will become a staple for me this summer! It also looks stunning on you! xo

  19. THANK you for having an up close video of these. I feel like in other try on ones I cannot tell how they really look and you cleared that right up lol. So I just went to wet n wild and bought 8 of them for 35 bucks…no regrets lol and can't wait to try them. You look stunning in them! 😍

  20. Gosh you are stunning. These were absolutely gorgeous colours!! I wan't so many of them, now I'm just waiting that these come to some Finnish online makeup stores.

  21. JESS !!!!! You perfect porcelain doll !! These are amazing. Can't get them in Canada yet 😥. JESS I'm obsessed with a glossy looking lid. Any tips ??? Putting gloss works for a few mins but isn't practical for all day. I want wet looking lids !!!! Help !! I trust your advice oh and I loooooooove you obviously, my little buttercup 💗💖😁🇨🇦🐝

  22. As you started , I kept thinking the next one won't look as good. but by the end of each application You totally rocked them all. I admit the flamingo as it started I did Not like at all but…. the fushia Oh mama.and the one after the red one with a bit of berry in it was so nice with your skin tone. and yes even the goth one.MEOW!!
    the shameful part is that I would go get them all but they won't look on me like they look on you and I'd be disappointed in the product. be nice to your lips because as much as I would want to go buy me a pair– ouch no thank you. and keep your lefty just where it is! 💄 and Yes Mercy, the eyeshadows does look great !!

  23. You have the perfect 💋❣️❣️❣️
    You look so beautiful in all of the colors I'm missing 3 of them 💋💄💋

  24. Little tip- too far zoomed in :3
    But I love you so its ok 😉 Bless your lips they must be so sore afterwards! Great applications btw
    Where the darker ones harder to work with? I could tell you were being a lot more careful with them <3


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