Using The Lumia 950 In 2020?


In this video I show you what its like using the Windows 10 mobile running Microsoft Lumia 950 in 2020. When released in 2015 the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL were tasked with saving the Windows Phone brand from failure which at the time, was loosing to IOS and Android. Many years after it was released, its specs still hold up today and, in a market dominated by phones such as the iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy S20 and the One Plus 8..does the Lumia 950 still have a chance?
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  1. I loved the Lumina 950 XL (The Display had break by a downfall and it works perfect for an half year).
    The Back was made out of PC (Polycarbonat, a high Quality Thermoplast wich is heavenly used for Plexiglas (due to its high Transparenz (higher than Glass) ) feels realy nice, way better than the Iphone 6.
    The best was the Dualsim and the separat SD-Cardslot, befor i had a Iphone 5 and 6, after this i had a Sony Xperia 1, Huawei P30 and P40 lite and none of this was as good like the Lumina 950 (in Therms of Prize (CHF) and Featers) execpt the P40 lite (because of the Prize of 300 CHF).

    The hopes of a new Windows Phone with Windows Mobile and Android- or Appleapps compability is there.

  2. My first smartphone was a Windows phone, Nokia Lumia 520. Used it for a couple of years . Great phone but unfortunately it got stolen. I loved windows Phone so next I purchased the Microsoft Lumia 640. Even after 2 years of usage never noticed any significant slowing down of the phone. Android phone users gave curious looks to the appearance also. Good display and super smooth touch screen experience. But about 4 yrs back had to change to Android phone due to lack of app support. Used to receive periodic software updates with new features etc. Which made the overall experience great. Ofcourse popular Android apps were missing or available late but I did not miss them as the most common which I used like mails, whatsapp etc were available and run pretty smoothly. But a Great phone it was. I still have the handset with me but the battery seems to have died now and is not charging or starting.
    Ironically a phone with some good hardware form a software company but poor software support. Hope windows Phones are revived again later👍

  3. Should've kept going like the Xbox. It wasn't pretty for the Xbox in the beginning but they didn't quit. I liked the Zune player also.

  4. I bought first ever windows phone, Nokia Lumia 800 , though it had 1gb ram and 8mp camera trust me it was blazing fast with excellent camera it was seriously better than today 64mp camera I bet …and only thing that was headache was it's marketplace (windows store) ,I miss that ( …

  5. Windows phone os is dead but the mobile concept is not. Nadella has reset the course for gaining customers first by bringing in people to use Microsoft products. Then they will slowly venture in the phone market. Windows 10x os is a good example. Its an os introduced to take advantage of the devices based on their screen type. They have been working on the windows on arms. Progressive web apps are going to be the future. With the surface duo, they now are going Android because they know else nobody will buy. It's been a huge and big mistake by pre Nadella Microsoft to miss the mobile revolution, course correction will take time and what they are doing now is basically laying foundations for a Microsoft phone. Their intention is to introduce windows os in the phone factor. Windows 10 phone os per say is not needed. Like I mentioned above windows on arms, windows 10x are all just laying the grounds, and the surface line up was introduced to showcase how the os can particularly take full advantage of the hardware. I strongly believe in the fact that going forward we will have a more connected world than ever before and anyone who can have its services available across the board will be in a better position and this where the new Microsoft will win. The new Microsoft realised the importance of symbiosis unlike Apple. This is the future and when people are on board with this then they will introduce their very own mobile device through surface line up and with the partners they have like hp and lenovo and others, we will see many windows phones then. It's basically will be a Saas world and a Microsoft phone will coexist the same way as pixel does now or a nexus did previously in the Android world.

  6. Only if Microsoft manages to get it's software support on Qualcomm Snapdragon processors then it would be amazing


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