TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '세계가 불타버린 밤, 우린… (Can't You See Me?)' Official MV

TXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘세계가 불타버린 밤, 우린… (Can’t You See Me?)’ Official MV

Director : Oui Kim (OUI)
Assistant Director : Yunah Yang (OUI)
Producer : Yeonjin Kim (OUI)

Director of Photography : EumKo
Focus Puller : Deokjung Kim
2nd AC : Youngwoo Lee, Kyoha Hwang, Eunil Lee
3rd AC : Yuntae Ko

Jimmy Jib : Dongjin Lee
Jimmy Jib Assistant : Kitae Kim, Seokchan Lee

Key Grip : Namkwon Lee
Bestboy : Sangjun Lee
Grip : Hunmok Lee

Gaffer : Hyunsuk Song
Lighting Crew : Junghyun Choi, Taehee Lee, Euikyu Hwang, Junhee Min, Juhui Kim, Younghwan Park, Nuri Park

Art Director : Jinsil park, Bona Kim(MuE)
Assistant Art team : Hakyung Yu, Yeri Kang
Art team Manager : ilho Heo

VFX : Second Floor
Colorist : Hakmin Roh (COLORADO)
2D Animator : Kyeongwook Jo

Performance Directing : Son Sung Deuk, Kim Su Bin, Kwon Yoo Jung, Eun Ju Kim, Lee Ga Hun, Lee Byung Eun, Hyewon Park

Visual Creative : Nu Kim, Lee Hyun Ju, Kang Sung Do, Jung Su Jung, Cha Yeon Hwa
Artist Management: Kim Shin Gyu, Yang Jun Hyeong, Kim Ji Soo, Oh Gwang Taek, Shin Seung Chan

BigHit Entertainment. Rights are reserved selectively in the video.
Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea


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44 thoughts on “TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '세계가 불타버린 밤, 우린… (Can't You See Me?)' Official MV

  1. What do you guys think will be the other song to have a music video? I can see eternally having one

  2. Bienvenid@s damas y caballeros
    les presento a mis:
    revisen el álbum también
    no se van arrepentir. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. This MVs would getting much more vi3wers if this has been trending since its release bc a lot of gp/ppl will also check this out (as yeonjun teaser do)! But Something or Someone doing this DIRTY! With much of vi3ws in hours this MVs didnt get trending in first day at any country globally! While their CB stage trended at #10 WW in first hours of release so its Unlogical. Imma try to be positive but this is UNFAIR!

  4. A lot of fandom are dragging TXT especially Taehyun in twitter right now so I suggest we continue to work hard for them and slap the haters with EVEN BIGGER ACHIEVEMENTS! SECURE for their wins MOAs! Let's also pray and hope for ETERNITY debut at BB200!

  5. Y’all…I’m a fan 🤭❤️😭. I think they deserve more recognition, but maybe I think this because I’m new to txt.

  6. In what country are you trending?
    In Indonesia trending 19

    Trending is not important but we have to focus on increasing the audience to get a trophy

    Hwaiting my dear:)

  7. Ok theory time:
    According to me, Soobin is having some personal problems which makes him drift away from the members as we can see that he is literally separated from them by a door in the beginning of the mv. Taehyun is so done with his friends and is not interested anymore. You can see that he looks arrogant and uninterested when they all knock on the door while the other three are somewhat excited. Taehyun is impassive to them and he also doesn't hide it. That's why in the choreo his hands form gun. Soobin is also not really into the group antics anymore as you can see from some scenes where others (yeonjun and beomgyu) are playing he is just looking at them and he looks troubled. Though he tries to hide his disintrest and thus looks like he is having fun in some scenes. So he is the liar. That's also why he crosses finger in the choreo. So we already have Soobin and Taehyun who are no longer 'into' the group's antics anymore and are sort of growing up. This is clear from the bubblegum scene where these two sit expressionless. Now Beomgyu is the troublemaker/mischief guy of the group. He like to create trouble and fun around as we can se that he is the one who grinds the strawberry s without a lid and starts the food fight. Yeonjun alongside Beomgyu like to play around. Though he has anger issues. I think the fire he created in run away mv and this mv signifies his anger. Beomgyu is always the one who puts out his fire and is sort of the one who keeps the whole group together. As we can see that he is the one who brings something for Soobin and bring others with him to his house and rings the doorbell signifying that he connects the boys like a mediator or something. Now Hyunenkai is a guy who is confused and can not pick sides. He is at first having fun with yeonjun and beoumgyu in scene where he takes selfie. But then he is sort of being manipulated by Soobin and Taehyun like a puppet as you can see in the choreo.
    So now we have Beomgyu who just wants to have fun and he starts messing with Taehyun in the scene where we see him ruining his clothes. He then in his antics tries to capture Taehyun. And he my mistake maybe kills him(I don't know, I am not sure about the killing part). Yeonjun is angry and can't control his anger anymore and burns the house down. Fire(his anger) is so big that it burns the house(maybe their friendship) down.
    Now for the choreo we have boys first wearing white/pure clothes which signifies a period of time before everything went to hell. After the house burning and maybe/maybe not Taehyun dying they wear black clothes which also represent funeral and death or dark thoughts in genaral.
    Yeah so this more or less my interpretation.
    Long ass comment. Thanks for comming to my Ted talk. After reading it watch the mv while keeping these points in mind. I swear it makes sense.

  8. Vamos por esos 15 MILLONES de reproducciones Moas …..
    También quiero decirles que si a partir de hoy puedo empezar a ser una Moa como ustedes ,osea que si puedo integrarme en su fandom y ser una Moa pero también ser una CNCOWNER …puedo ??🙃😊🙏

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