Top 10 Best Anime Style Games For Android & iOS 2020!


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“Exos Heroes” New Anime Style game with amazing visuals/battle & story now available globally (Android & iOS) :-

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Best Anime Style Games For Android & iOS 2020 l VinIsHere

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*None of these games are based on anime they are just anime style

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Following are the games name & links:-

1)Exos Heroes
Android & iOS :-
(Link will redirect to your playstore/appstore no ads in between)

2)Hidden Survivor:-


4)Chaos Academy:-

5)Project Silver Wings:- (for both Android & iOS links & info visit my webpage below):-

6)Kick Flight:-

7)Bistro Heroes:- (For Android & iOS Links visit my webpage below):-

8)Hero Cantare:-

9)Magic Burns 9 Times:-

10)Grand Alliance:- (for Android – iOS info & links visit my webpage below):-

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  1. Exos heroes is a top-notch mobile game both graphic wise and interface BUT, it has a very huge PayWall. Keep that in mind

  2. I don't like 2d games I'm into 3d games that's why I only play Honkai Impact and I'm waiting for Genshin Impact which will take time to release but there's a beta pre-registration but I think it's close for now

  3. Project Silver Wings is totally great game for me
    The gacha system is easy
    And the Arknight……
    Sometimes, you need a "big brain" to play it

  4. Thanks for suggesting some fun looking games! I'll be adding some new gameplay videos for some of these up on my YouTube channel soon! Thanks again!

  5. Gonna try Hidden Survivor overall, it really looks like something else. But todays TOP has some preety delicious dishes.

  6. Exos heroes is nice but boring!

    Currently, my fav games are:
    1.Epic Seven (best game ever, unbeatable, really! it's so well done! Pure gold!)
    2.The King of Fighters All Star (As a SNK fanboy, this game is a must have! And a pretty pleasant one!)
    3.The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross (Currently the most beautiful game I have ever played!)

    I will give it a try on Hero Cantare!


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