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Welcome to TNNT Solution channel !
Note : do not ask for password here, only on yahoo mess : tnnt.simple or skype :
i’ll answer when i got free time, some time i’m very busy can’t answer . And i’m at GMT+7.
Chú ý : các bạn muốn password hãy pm yahoo, skype hoặc zalo theo số đt hiện liên khi chạy fix. Nhiều khi bận không trả lời liền được, sẽ trả lời khi có thể. Vui lòng xem hết video hướng dẫn trước khi nt thắc mắc gì đó.
Chỉ trả lời tn yahoo, skype, zalo.
Update Jan 17 2017 : Some people aplly my fix (on english windows) but still see “Phone info package not found..” so then your phone maybe not on the support list of tool (like nokia 130 rm-1122 the tool only work for rm-1035, rm-1036, rm-1037) so then contact me on yahoo mess or skype give me the rm-xxxx that you got i’ll force the tool to work with that rm-xxx, remember the tool got limit work with nokia 216 and earlier not for the new nokia 2017 (hope it work too)

This mod is only for offline mode in Nokia Software Recovery tool 6.3.56 when you face a nokia software recovery tool setup fail or failed anything !. You have to manually download the firmware for your nokia phone and put the files into NSRT firmware location for the tool to work !
For best result in fix “Phone info package not found on disk” your windows OS must be use ENGLISH not any local language

****Notes : There update for this tool (8.0.23 at my tested with RM-1035, RM-1133, RM-1134) but it can’t flash some phone event if u apply my fix or not, put firmware files to exactly location but it not allow u to flash….
So my recommendation :
– Keep my mod in offline mode and continue to use if u already install.
– For new install user : DO NOT open the tool after installed, disconnect the internet, open the tool, chose Work offline and stay at it, do not turn back to online mode or it will force to update. Maybe good update comes in some day !
If you still wanna use 8.0.23 ok, just use it in Offline Mode.

***Chú ý : Ai đang xài bản mod này thì giữ nguyên chế độ ngoại tuyến (Offline Mode) không nên chuyển sang chế độ online sẽ bị bắt update lên 8.0.23 hoặc cao hơn 1 chút. Đã test bản 8.0.23 lỗi không thể flash RM-1035, 1133, 1134 mặc dù trước khi update vẫn bình thường.
Với những bạn cài mới thì ngay sau khi cài đặt xong KHÔNG NÊN chạy tool liền mà hãy ngắt kết nối internet sau đó mở tool lên chon chế độ ngoại tuyến (Offline Mode) sử dụng như bình thường. Sau khi chọn chạy ở chế độ ngoại tuyến (Offline Mode) rồi hạy bật mạng lên lại.

Bản cài offline :
Bản fix lỗi :
Bản 2in1 :

Link 1 for offline installer mod
Link 2 for fix “Phone info package not found on disk”
Link 3 for offline install mod and fix too

How to install Nokia software recovery tool !
Nokia Software Recovery Tool offline mod !
Hướng dẫn cài nokia software recovery !
Hướng dẫn sử dụng nokia software recovery offline !

Who need password must pm me in :
Yahoo messenger : tnnt.simple
Skype :

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  1. What Sebas Futbol below said is the same here. In Win10 your offline installer is not really offline – it is trying do download a msi which is not existant in the net. May be is's language depending – here part of the log:
    Error 0x80070002: Failed attempt to download URL: ''


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