This is the camera on the Sony Xperia X Performance


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As one of the strongest features on the Sony Xperia X Performance, we thought it was worth taking a second look at its cameras and see exactly what it provides in terms of features and image quality.

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  1. It's shit on the phone Sony xperia performance. Heats up a lot and cancels camera and video. Shit is bad investment and technical service worse than shit.

  2. I can't record more than five minutes before the camera shuts off or gets disconnected for a bit(I don't really know what it is, but the screen gets black, and it stops recording)…
    It is really annoying, it is so annoying😥😰

  3. I just picked this phone up. I was using the iPhone 5 since it came out but switched just recently. I love this Sony phone. I originally wanted the Z5 premium because of the 4K screen but my Carrier did not have them and could not get them anymore. This is my first android and I really like it so far. Was pretty trouble some to get some of my content from my iphone over to android though, but it was worth it in the end.

  4. Hey, I've just bought the phone and the pictures come out AMAZING.  The only problem is I don't know how to do the video camera settings right, any help? It looks like it couldn't focus right or it was shaky

  5. Sony makes beast mirrorless cameras but puts crap manual mode on their phones and refuse to include OIS. What a freaking joke.

  6. I care this phone for the front camera, the 4K recording and 4K display dont care really, but it is expensive, considering other phones with higher specs and features

  7. Thanks for saying this. A lot of people are criticizing that the X Performance has a bad camera. Yes it's not the best but not certainly as bad as they define it. X Performance actually captures better colors in low light than the S7. Want a proof? Watch Manila Shaker Philippines' comparison

  8. Since you're a samsung fanboy, you haven't spoken anything regarding the steady shot mode present in xperia x performance, this steady shot mode beats every other phone in the market excluding the other flagship xperias in video recording, you are not a good reviewer at all. It has even better low light shots compared to galaxy s7, and also perfect colouration, when compared to a Dslr camera.

  9. okay so you used the camera on the phone to record the video but what about the audio , did you plug in an external mic??

  10. Hey, I'm looking for a phone under 200€, looking for good battery and performance. What do you guys suggest?

  11. omg front facing is 13MP? that's amazing selfies… if only Sony brought their latest high end phones to the US… its so sad since we have so many networks here and Sony is just loosing money on it

  12. That is one great camera, no wonder the camcorder is dead, if the phone looked like the Xperia XA that would be amazing..

  13. No 4k Support, no ip68, no 1440p resolution, small battery….
    This thing HAS to cost at least 100-150 Bucks LESS than the MUCH better Galaxy s7 (which does pretty much EVERYTHING better, except Front Camera), to be a worth buy.

    And… since there is the better Oneplus 3 out there….
    Xperia X Performance has to cost 350-380 max. Maybe 399 (because you don't have to import it, better warranty/service maybe), not more.
    699 is a ripoff for a just mediocre device, that can't compete with this years Flaggships.


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