The United States of America – summary of the country's history


This video is a summary of the history of the United States of America, since the arrival of the first colonists in North America until today.


English translation & voiceover: Rahul Venkit
French version (original):
Russian version:
Arabic version:
Spanish version:

Music: Lint Roller – Cxdy (Youtube library)
Software used: Adobe After Effects


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  1. The History of #USA is Totally Based on Land Grabbing, Slavery, Killings, Wars, Bullying, Aggressions, and Oppressions.
    After All of these Historical Crimes against Humans and Humanity, Great Satan #Satan #USA Unable to face COVID-19 Pendamic, till date 14th March 2020 more than 22,000 Deaths and more than 500,000 infected by Virus Mostly African and Latino Americans….
    Down with Great Satan #USA
    Crush Aparthied #Israel
    long Live #Palestine

  2. I find it ironic that the United Nation’s was created to help countries get along but it does the exact opposite.

  3. WONDERFUL (As presented by the conquers) PRESENTATION.:-)

    Anyway Just a note to share some of our (well kept secrets) HISTORY; with children STAYING HOME & hopefully SAFE.

    VIA;  Curtis J. “Kojo” Morrow (Now Age 87)

    President of the Illinois Chapter of 24th Infantry Regiment Combat Team-Association

    and one the last Buffalo Soldiers 1950-1951… 


    Btw;  it was an honor and pleasure photographing, the historical journey of America’s 1st African American President; Barack H. Obama’s journey to the white house. (2004 to 2008) See Photo-journey attached.


    Knowledge of one’s history, instill’s PRIDE & ENTITLEMENTS. 

    Entitlements many are born into. 

    BOTTOMLINE; Our History  & the Freedom we now enjoy, (Wasn’t FREE) nor all about SINGING & DANCING & SPORTS. 

    many fought and died for it.

    Enjoy. & Share.

  4. america:enslaves people, judge whoever isn't white or christian, try to stop immigration
    also america: this is the land of the free

  5. Narraror: ”Their arrival came at the expense of millions of native Americans who lived there for thousands of years, mostly in tribes.”

    Trap music in the background:

    P E R F E C T

  6. 12:37 is incorrect, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor because they wanted to expand, but feared that they would not be able to because if the US navy.

  7. In reality what happened was the Soviets took over America and the entire West. They didn’t care about the Soviet Union anymore and that’s why it collapsed.

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