The Tactical Duo! – CoD: Warzone Battle Royale Gameplay


Playing with Ali:

Music used:

Run – Ross Bugden:


Thanks for watching!




  1. I jus played my 2nd game of this, got a 21 Kill Victory. It’s such a satisfying br. Would love to play this with you man 🙂

  2. Dude ohmg you’ve blown up so much.. I remember watching you play fortnite after you and Ali a first played together whenever it was like season 2 and you had 40K subscribers now your near a million..😐😂

  3. Rich actually replaced Ali for me. Ali used to be my favorite youtuber back when he did CoD but ever since he started pumping out garbage Fortnite content, Rich just overshadowed Ali for me. Rich actually makes good content.

  4. I think the hunting bounty mechanic should be removed. It’s like punishing you for being a good shooter and kill leader.

  5. Rich how are you good at every game you touch hahaha I played this the other night and just got demolished every time haha

  6. I just played warzone today after playing Apex since release and oh my god. The movement is so slow and clanky compared to Apex.

  7. Can you please buy me a ps4 controller. We closing school for 4 weeks because of coronavirus so it would be really boring without playing games. Thank you very much.


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