THE PLATFORM Ending Explained!


In this video we take a deep dive, review, recap and explain the ending to Netflix’s latest horror film from Spain “The Platform”. El Hoyo.

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  1. I just finished this movie at 12:54 am (it’s dark) and HOLY SHIT BRO. I’m trippin out rn and I feel really weird and sad and I have a pit in my stomach

  2. I just realized how corrupt the VTS is, No One at the Top was Special or Deserving..the Positions were randomized every month..That Alone made it highly impossible for ppl to ration from Level 1 down..Because someone who might’ve spent a month on level 112 could’ve woken up on Level 2, Traumatized, Resentful, Starving and able to eat as much as they could before they woke up again at the Bottom. THEY WERE ALL SCREWED

  3. I think the message of the movie is that we know the world is fucked up too much to change it entirely. This is symbolized by the impossible problem to solve of how do you feed 666 people with one table of food. Eventually everyone would starve and there is nothing you can do about that.

    Eventually we accept that and our place in the world. What level we are on and how to make the best of that situation. But in the end we know we have failed which is Goreng going into darkness.

    But hope isn’t lost and you can find solidarity in having children and teaching them to be good, slowly affecting change in the world until it’s a better place.

    That’s my understanding of the movie. When I was young I got caught up with how awful the world could be, and kept trying to figure out how to solve that problem. It took me many years to realize that the only thing I could change was my own life. And once I was stable and in a better place only then could I affect change for the better.

  4. I don’t get how they change levels. Like how can you wake up and suddenly be at 150 and you were previously at 50?

  5. Glad that Netflix can produce such hard sci-fi auteur film amongs a shitload of mediocres or acceptables movies. It's a great film but definetily not for everyones ! Great video by the way 😎

  6. Im beginning to think the comment section is better explained, just saying though. Like some are saying youre just summarizing. No need to watch the movie. Thanks to you. Sarcasm of course.

  7. Greed will bring the end of humanity, but nobody admits their greedy. A tiny virus taught to the world that we are all more or less greedy, because we are human!

  8. I would order a live monkey 🐒 or poisonings eel fish for the ones above to die and food to make it to me after a couple of weeks.

  9. I watched the movie in its original language, Spanish from Spain. People in the comments focus on the economic aspect of the prison system, but no one has commented about the social and cultural side of it. If you want to explore further why a child made it to the prison (a child that looks foreigner to Spain) listen to what trimagasi said about those illegal people he killed when he threw the TV out the window. There is to notice, also, the mention of Baharat being a negro by the couple in the level above Goren and Baharat. Racism. In some cultures, illegal immigrants are treated and referred to as less than animals (shocking, but do your reseach). The policy of no people under 16 being allowed in a prison run by a dehumanized administration, wouldn't apply to an illegal (assuming she is) immigrant. The message is the girl, because if she reached the surface alive it'd expose the administration's flaws and the real purpose of that prison.

  10. I think there is enough food. Everyone can go up to 10 days without food if they drink water. (Without going crazy) That means that if everyone truly worked together they could all probably eat twice a week one solid meal each time. No killing each other and the program would be over. Think about how many people in this world go days if not weeks without a solid meal. Lack of compassion and empathy is still the problem in the world today. There are more than enough resources in the world yet we are so divided economically. To me I think about how there are more vacant properties in the US than homeless people, yet so many people are homeless. Now apply that logic to every aspect in life and you see the problems the people in this prison are facing are indeed what plagues everyone. The system is designed for failure, yet success is an option. It’s just rarely ever achieved. We’ve programmed to be selfish not selfless. We can learn from this movie.

  11. Wait firstly you said that the people in the hole don't know what they're getting themselves into before they come. But then how did Baharat know to bring a rope with him to climb up?

  12. This movie is POS! Capitalism, is the ONLY way to bring opportunities to all. It doesn't offer handouts (TNSTAAFL). You have to make it for yourself, or enjoy section 8.

  13. I'm also confused at the ending but I think (not sure) when Goreng said 'The child is the message' (instead of pannacotta) cuz it said there that under the age of 16 is forbidden to join or enter the Hole. So if Goreng would be able to bring the child up to level 0 then the people there might realize something. Or maybe just to save that poor child.


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