Thanks for watching!! Here is a list in order of the 3ce velvet lip tints that I swatched!
1. Near and Dear
2. Pink Break
3. New Nude
4. Save Me
5. Childlike
6. Best Ever
7. Private
8. Taupe
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  1. You look amazing in them all! Though I do have to say the lighter ones look so hot on you for some reason!! 😍😍😍 New nude definitely looks best on you sweetie

  2. I'm so happy you tried these, I want to buy them, but wanted to see a review on a darker skin first, so thank you 💖💖😘

  3. I like all of the colors! Would you please give the breakdown of your make up in this video and/or film a tutorial😘

  4. I just got taupe a week or so ago and I love it!! The new nude looks great on you and makes me want to try it. I’m not a fan of pink on myself either. Seeing it on you, it’s like it doesn’t look bad all. Just every other color looks better lol! The first frosty pink looked great though!

  5. Im still kind of confused on the blush on your nose with the freckles i like the concept its cute but blend it a lil more.

  6. I love your videos so much Tima, I'm so glad you are uploading regularly again! Your aesthetic is everything! I love the way you do your blush and highlight, your fashion is A1, and I always jam to that song at the end of your videos. Keep it up love, your loyal subbies are here for you!!!

  7. All of them except 'Pink Break' looked great on you (Though it's not totally bad). 'New Nude' and 'Near & Dear' were the best on you girl!

  8. Style Korean is a good website to get the cosmetics for pretty cheap. I ordered 3ce Taupe from there it shipped within a week.


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