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Sony’s new Xperia X is a bit tricky to pin down. We’ve got a top tier price, but Sony’s approach to hardware is a bit more conservative, parring down the vanity specs for a more focused and streamlined experience. We’ll always celebrate more premium options in the mid-range, so does the X satisfy the savvy shopper? Here’s our full review!

3 things we like about the Xperia X (and 3 we don’t)
Xperia X First Impressions

Major thanks to the folks at for their assistance with the Sony Xperia X loaner unit we used to complete this review.

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Sony XPERIA X Review: It’s not a flagship phone… | Pocketnow



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  1. i got mine brand new for £200 those tedious things like 4k aren't needed it's a phone and you don't exactly have a bunch of 4k technology to see it on, the speakers are a little quiet but who uses them, it's very fast and it's camera is perfect it takes beautiful photos, the style is also perfect curved edges that don't hurt and a full aluminium body with a brilliant fingerprint sensor it is a flagship even for 2018 but people are impatient and only care about spending money instead of waiting

  2. Just bought it for $229. Should arrive soon. This is my third Sony phone. The reason I keep buying them is the aluminum/quality build, the FM receiver (never mentioned in any reviews, ever!) and the close to stock Android UI. I've had the SP and T3 phones before.

  3. The phone is really OK, I use the machine at 5 months, in Bulgaria the price is 300€,but have another story, and the price is 250. So I always use Sony phones, my wife too. My first Sony is J70. And never change the brand.

  4. Awesome phone with slightly below average battery life. Just picked mine up for $229.99. A fantastic Flagship quality experience for the price.

  5. Design is good. bad big bezels for what? Why don't u make a phone at least like S7. it's too big. and the screen is OK. But the interface….not really a fan and the processor r just always out of date. Just like Japanese laptops. expensive and low specs. same goes to smartphones. That's why. I still buy HP or Dell or Lenovo or Asus or whatever laptop that is worth the price. but never bought an Japanese laptop which is stupid. except for cars xD

  6. how about surfing you tube for long hours. I heard the nougat update in z series is causing heating issue and shut downs apps

  7. Would you buy Samsung a5 (2017) or this one? Is here anyone with one of these phones because I really don't know which one to take…?


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