Sony Xperia X Review


At first glance it’s a slightly different Xperia Z with lower spec. Dig a little bit deeper and you’ll see a phone that’s wanted to come out and play for a while, but it couldn’t because the other kids in school were having none of it. Then it grew up and got much better looking BECAUSE it was alternative, and suddenly the world was very much interested in what this handsome hunk of tech has to say.

However, the Xperia X needs the ‘why should I buy it?’ answer when in your local phone shop choosing between the reams of options, and I can’t think of anything amazing off the top of my head – just very good elements.



  1. i have one; The x dual _ mid range ! maybe for you !! but i am satisfied with it – C'mon it a nice peace of tech ; I like it than Galaxy's – and battery is really good – buy Sony; don't care about all the spec's so you finished buying an S7 that don't give you a good experience after a while…

  2. You know, I think Sony has a crappy 3rd party company that builds it's Experia line of phones. It's the only explanation to why Sony's DSLR cameras are the best on the market: Sony a77II, Sony a99, Sony a6000. Sony a6300. Not to mention their DSLR Lens line up: G-lens, Vario-Sonnar® T*, Distagon T* and their collaboration with ZEISS(an industry leader in Lens manufacturing) and yet they seem to just drop the ball on cell phone cameras. My $270.00 Sony WX350 can kill anything from their cell phone line up. It's very disconcerting to see with a $600+ price tag. Time after time, Sony is SHOOTING THEMSELVES IN THE FOOT! Come on SONY, STOP COMPROMISING!! If they don't do something in their next iteration, I believe that they finally have dug themselves into a deep quandary hole that they will not be able to climb out of. I say…FIRE their operations/products director!!

  3. I'd like to know when and why the phone showed stutters? If it's on regular use or from switching between apps then this phone may not be for me.

  4. It's not their flagship model! please make a more thorough research next time you make such a review. Their flagship is the Xperia X Performance and is waterproof, has a far better processor etc.


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