Sony Xperia X Review!


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The Xperia X has a lot in common with the Xperia Z5 in terms of design language, but there are differences plus new internals. Is it a worthy smartphone in 2016? Let’s find out!

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  1. Got this one from a pawn shop since my old phone was AWFUL and also broke (512mb of ram and a terrible CPU). I am quite happy with my Xperia X. Didn't expect it to have a decent camera but it's not bad at all.

  2. The recessed power button feels irritating to the point that I had to build it up with little slices of tape… But now I love the phone.

    I also got rid of the default keyboard which had no voice search icon

  3. ok so i bought this phone despite people saying the camera was bad and now im back to explain this bs people have spread, not being funny but i do not see how this camera is bad? there's no sound and the sky turns out great the whole picture is perfect and recording with it is very smoothe, if you complain about the camera on this phone you're doing something wrong and you can't take proper photos because this is by far the best phone I've used and i can't say anything wrong has happened other then the over heating which is a little annoying, it runs as smoothe as possible (unless on power save because it slows down performance to save battery) its 32gb is more then enough and it is annoying how you can't move apps but it's manageable, the whole phone the design is perfect it feels great in your hand 5 inch screen not too big or small and it doesn't hurt to hold it is light and will take a punch before it gives itself out, if anyone needs anymore information on this phone just ask and I'll tell

  4. Hello ! recently I bought the sony Xperia X also bought tempered glass protector for it but its not good at all the width seems incorrect. Any advises anyone ? It would really help.

  5. Help! my Sony Z5 Compact just died and im cnsidering this as a replacment. I'm not a phone tart. its all about the camera for me as i do the odd youtube video on gardening. Should I consider this phone or something else?

    Thought you had a very honest review hense the question.


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