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SONY’s name once stood as the gold standard for consumer electronics, but these days they face intense competition from companies like Samsung, who now occupies the number one position for Android manufacturers. Both companies are focusing on “refining” for their various smartphone offerings, but which manufacturer has the better offering for your money? It’s time for a show down…

Galaxy S7 Real Camera Review
Xperia X Performance Real Camera Review

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SONY Xperia X Performance vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Ouch… | Pocketnow



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  1. It's shit on the Sony xperia performance phone. Heats up a lot and cancels camera and video. Shit is bad investment and technical service worse than shit.

  2. Why on your review Xperia X has Snapdragon 820, but in some website like gsmarena the Xperia Z has only Snapdragon 650? I reallydont understand. Can someone explain it to me? Thanks.

  3. I like my Xperia X Performance, but it overheats so fast, sometimes it overheats after a couple of minutes, but I can never film more than 6 min😑 Recently I have also noticed that it starts to lag sometimes, like REALLY bad! (5 fps or something like that, sometimes after 30 sec of recording)
    And it got water damaged after having it 20 cm under water for 30 seconds, so I sent it in for service, haven't tested if it is waterproof after I got it)

    Honestly I dont know why I wrote this😛

  4. the problem i had with sony is that when your screen gets a crack, a small crack.. it stops functioning. My asus got few cracks but it's still functioning.

  5. Please help! My S7 battery took a sudden plunge and just a few weeks ago, I was able to get around 5 hours of SoT or around 3 minutes per percent doing the usual stuff like using Facebook or browsing the internet but just recently, I would only get around 4 hours of SoT and watching an offline 360p YouTube video at around 100 lux would result in a one percent drain in just FOUR minutes. Any suggestions would be REALLY great. I almost threw my phone to the ground in rage and i'm the type of person who absolutely takes care of his phone.

  6. since you come to this channel i directly unsubscribed Xperia xp is alot better it has better display better camera better software better performance better speaker
    lol you faced more frames drops on xp more than s7 lol
    there is vedio for s7 vs Xperia x with sd650 has it was smoother on Xperia so xp with sd820 should have better performance lol what a crap channel

  7. In the. States. It seems like they gave you a low spec X performance. In Canada we have the finger print sensor and a better performing phone. Maybe you could try getting the real X performance instead of the US spec.

  8. What stylus is that? Does anyone know? I've been looking for a precision tip capacitive stylus like that for a long time

  9. I had the entire xperia z line up from the Z to Z5. I have to admit, sony isnt setting the benchmark anymore when it comes with premium phones. Still going with the X performance because of its sleek design and clean interface.

  10. blablabalbalbaaaa by Juan , believe it or not after you come to this channel i directly unsubscribe , it was my favorite channel, xperia x p is better than the shit s7 and xperia x is better than xp they are just the same , forget specs and you will thing xperia x has sd 820 and although it doesn't have ip critification but it can resist water and it has finger print reader if you use xperia x it will score a point over s7 in battery life with the same performane, and are you ignorance “fake” tech guy like many others youtubers or what , although xperia x has higher mp but you know that sony follow oversample techniqe wich shoot in 8 mp with big pixel size , also in other vedio when you review huawei p9 camera you say thet it has better camera than htc 10 and in another vedio for you, you put the p9 in rank 5 anf htc 10 in rank 3 in best camera smartphones vedio !!!!! are you….. what? what is going and stop posting " first " on every vedio its not funny abd don't believe who say for you that you are the best …… you are a disappointment

  11. Not sure what Sony is doing… I mean, I've bought one Sony phone before for its smaller size – the Z5 Compact. But then later I found Oneplux X, which is much more premium device at half of the price. Even for its "flagship", the Sony Xperia X is outperformed tremendously by phones like Oneplus 3, Xiaomi, or Huawei, not to mention S7. Like seriously, why would anyone buy a Sony phone now???

  12. Z5 compact user here, I wouldn't leave Xperia line cause of its keyboard and X-Reality mode, it is just awesome to check photos made by Sony camera with it on. Would invest into FullHD screen with the next device though.

  13. All the V20 discrepancies you've heard around You tube concerning this phone, can all easily be corrected
    by switching to manual mode and adjusting either the ISO, white balance
    or exposure compensation…there is nothing wrong with the phones
    sensor and can easily beat any phone out there. Although Sony has just
    implemented it's high end spec camera using a 23 Mpixel, G-lens/Bionz
    and Xmor-RS, true full axis stabilization(pitch,roll,yaw) and has an ISO
    range of a whopping 12800!! Technology usually only seen in their more
    expensive DSLR photography cameras. It's called the SONY XZ!!


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