Sony Xperia X Performance Review – is it worth $700?


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The Xperia X Performance is priced to compete with the high end flagships but it deserving of that 700 dollar price tag? Find out in our review!

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  1. i had this phone for almost a year or two and at the end my phone was really bad, it was really laggy and it froze often, and it was overheating often and it had pixel burned in. not to mention my sensor was broken, everytime i called someone my screen turned black and i couldn't do anything even if i pressed the power button. i had to wait for the other person i was calling to hang up.

  2. @4:00 you should pay extra for the 1080 screen since its a BENEFIT to have rather then the ones that are 4X the resolution and waste power. Waste for phones to have anything more.

  3. Salam
    Kia koi Bata sakta Hy admin ya koi bh k x performance men duble Sim lag sakti Hy?
    Agaar lag.sakti Hy to kesy?

    Plzz rply personal

  4. stupid ppl cant. u look at the nice clear pictures it takes! its a 24 mega pixel camera way better than stupid samsung and i phone. this phone is the best with the most clear screen and best camera with best focus. I have one and i love it.HATERS ONLY HATE IT CUZ ITS EXPENSIVE AND THEY CANT AFORD IT. my reviw for this is over five stars very solid phone.dont listen to this video man.

  5. My device has got water damaged 3 times already, and they have not fixed it yet, too bad it can't handle being cleaned lightly under the sink😑

  6. why he said this device dosn't have fingerprint sensor??
    owh…. i see, it is disabled on US.
    so, which is correct?? US doesn't allow fingerprint? or sony doesn't give fingerprint?

  7. I like my Xperia X Performance, but it overheats so fast, sometimes it overheats after a couple of minutes, but I can never film more than 6 min😑 Recently I have also noticed that it starts to lag sometimes, like REALLY bad! (5 fps or something like that, sometimes after 30 sec of recording)
    And it got water damaged after having it 20 cm under water for 30 seconds, so I sent it in for service, haven't tested if it is waterproof after I got it)

    Honestly I dont know why I wrote this😛

  8. It's a awesome phone just because it's different doesn't mean it's bad. Think before you do a review and you might make better video.

  9. I bought a brand new Sony Xperia Performance X for a 300$, however it won't detect any Sim Card, the tray is very weak. I had to return it.


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