Sony Xperia X Performance review


Heeeere’s Sony – the Xperia Z is no more, long live the Xperia X.
The Sony Xperia X Performance is the most powerful Sony phone in existence and packs the best camera Sony has ever made – but is it better than the Xperia Z5? Let’s find out.
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  1. I'm just bought this phone yesterday. Before this. I using x compact.. Imo xp far better than z series.. Really good camera.. 441ppi just superb quality image!!. I'm glad I found this phone.!

  2. I love Sony phones so much. People have different types because of their personality but I always love Sony because of their high quality in music and camera especially. Also it last very long and can't mash up. As in my Trinidadian language 'it could take links.'

  3. I've used this phone for 1 month and it's good. Don't go around listening to those bad rumours. You've gotta try to experience it yourself. IMO, I owned both the Sony Xperia X Performance and Samsung S7. What I can say is the. Sony X performance is way better than the Samsung S7. Lastly, Im not a Sony fan boys nor Samsung. Cheers

  4. is it still worth buying for 450€ ?
    i love the design and specs but still havr some doubts about the battery life and camera performance.

    i got oneplus X now so it would be defenitly a upgrade anyway lol

  5. I have a couple of questions for the Sony Xperia X Performance, I hope someone may be able to answer them.
    I found a site where it is priced $425.
    How long is the battery life time when you do not game?
    Is it fast/smooth on browsers and apps?
    How is texting?
    Does it overheat like you say, if you just use the camera as simple as possible?
    Is it worth for $425?

    Thanks. 🙂

  6. Absence of 4k video recording doesn't really make that much of a difference, it's steady shot mode performs an excellent job, which can easily outclass other competitors in the market in terms of video recording.

  7.  good price on this phone.   I am thinking to get it.  Gonna check a few more reviews though

  8. yea I stopped watching after you started complaining it has only 3gb ram instead of 4… it's so dumb I couldn't bear to listen anymore, thumb down

  9. you just can't show as some superior auto photos and complane about them it use half of the capability of the chip do some manual photos pls

  10. I'm wondering how you got a fingerprint sensor working? I'm seeing a lot of reviews saying there's no finger print sensor, and some with it. Did they change they phone at some point since the first reviews came out?

  11. It seems like my z2 is better than this at all levels! Sticking with it and waiting for something stronger than it in the future! Cheers

  12. Whatever everyone says, NO ONE CAN BEAT SONY. It's a Rolls Royce of phones. Those who want cheap price, go to Samsung and all other BULLSHIT.


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