Sony Xperia X Long Term Review: Six months with Xperia X


Sony Xperia X long-term re-review: Our full Xperia X re-review after six months of use, to see if it stands up against recent rivals.

Sony’s Xperia X can be picked up for four hundred quid – not much cheaper than when it first emerged back in May. And in that six months, several seriously good Xperia X rivals have launched – including the excellent OnePlus 3T, which we recently dubbed best phone of 2016.

So while we quite liked the Xperia X when we first reviewed it, how does it fare after a few months? Here’s our long-term Sony Xperia X re-review.

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  1. overheat then camera error, and burned display. bad fingerprint, bad battery. good design. but this one (like the others), cannot fight againts xiaomi.

  2. Sony X has problem with Camera recording Video Can not Recording Long time mean we record about 5 minute it will show message (some functions disabled by temperature rise)

  3. I have this phone and it's seriously the worst phone I've ever bought. My apps crash, I never get notified of texts and my long text messages don't send half the time. It overheats way too easily and using snapchat on this is an absolute nightmare.

  4. Hi Recombu, I bought this phone at Xmas from 3 for its camera and I'm chuffed with it… thanks for the reviews they really helped me decide… Brendan 😁

  5. Had mine since March and it keeps restarting lately and ive hardly anything on it and run avg every day and nothing found any ideas


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