Sony Xperia X Compact Review – Small Android Smartphone 2016 !


Get the Sony Xperia X Compact Cheap and unlocked here: (Affiliate) A small Iphone Alternative in 2016.
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If you have money to burn, then perhaps. However there are many, many Android smartphones available for less cash that do a better job at balancing the value factors, like build quality, features and specs.

By no means is the Sony Xperia X Compact a bad phone. It got a boost of RAM and a slightly more efficient chipset over last year’s model, and USB-C support. But these enhancements, while nice, have come at the expense of what made us love the excellent Z5 Compact so much. Sony’s hoping you won’t notice, but it’s hard not to.


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  1. this phone using quick charge 2.0 no fast charge. I charged this cellphone and got a 2000ma using an UCH10 charger

  2. For a bit of increased speaker volume on the Xperia X Compact, do the following: Settings app/Sound/Audio settings/Sound effects(make sure certain other options are disabled in order to access Sound effects)/Equalizer/
    Set all 5 equalizer band controls to maximum. Back out of Settings app. This setting provides a noticeable increase in overall sound volume.

  3. Hey thanks for this review back in 2016 it helped me decide on buying the phone.
    I recently made a video on my experience with it after 2 years of use.

  4. You start making comparisons to the iphone but then you don't mention the shit IOS that you'd have to deal with if someone were to go with Apple.

  5. I'm proud of you, you predicted a year ago that apple would not include a fast charger, and indeed they don't include it with the fast charging 8/8plus/x

  6. Excellent video. At the current price point of $320, there's nothing better out there. The phone IS water resistant, Sony just don't claim it to be just to avoid having phones coming in due to water damage.

  7. Would be worth it for 350$? since the main problem is the price of it…. other than the price it's overall a great phone! right?

  8. Does anyone know if this phone on U.S version has call blocking? my Z3c did not had to down load an app which in return forced my camera to act wired . If its different (i believe it was call barring on z3c) which didnt work for me , any help here would be most appreciated.

  9. thanks for nice review… just wana ask you if you can do ,,deep sensors teste like ACCELEROMETER TEST, GYROSCOPE SENSOR,BAROMETRE , STESPS COUNTER


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