Sony Xperia X Compact Review!


Sony Xperia X Compact review & ratings: | Buy the Sony Xperia X Compact:

Is having a smaller more compact phone worth paying a premium price tag for? Find out in our full review of the Sony Xperia X Compact!

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  1. IAM USING THIS PHONE IN 2019 i wanted cheap secondary phone i had to choose between iphone 5s and this i kept side by side i choose this coz of camera

  2. I have this. The battery and camera are garbage, also I hate the glossy plastic body, but thank God it's durable – I threw it against the floor in anger, but nothing happened fortunately.

  3. For a bit of increased speaker volume on the Xperia X Compact, do the following: Settings app/Sound/Audio settings/Sound effects(make sure certain other options are disabled in order to access Sound effects)/Equalizer/
    Set all 5 equalizer band controls to maximum. Back out of Settings app. This setting provides a noticeable increase in overall sound volume.

  4. ey thanks for this review back in 2016 it helped me decide on buying the phone.
    I recently made a video on my experience with it after 2 years of use.

  5. Can anyone compare the real life sharpness of this display vs the XZ Premium display ? Not on paper, but looking at websites, real life.

  6. This phone is complete garbage.

    – Walkman app, which used to be awesome replaced by trashy Music.
    – Playstation, Sketch and Amazon Shopping are system apps, so you can't remove them unless you root this phone! Awesome, right?!
    – Apps like facebook Messenger are just extremely annoying to use, because when you open an Xperia app while Chat heads are active then the app will tell you that you can't use it unless you disable screen overlay setting. So Messenger bubbles on this phone? NOPE.
    – Opened apps tend to reset really often while changing to another app, even when I'm writing this comment. I leave Youtube for 20 seconds to check how is screen overlay setting called (now I know) and.. Youtube had to reopen, so I had to write those god damn arguments again.

    Sony used to make better Xperia phones back in 2012, c'mon.

  7. Excellent phone I will buy it. Just look at the design. Wow. This device is very fast. I have seen various speed tests.


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