Sony Xperia X Camera Review


We review the Xperia X’s 23MP camera and 13MP selfie camera, boasting Sony’s Predictive focus feature and a super-fast load time. Here’s our full Xperia X camera test with photo and video samples.

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  1. for compare sony cameras against others like s7 you should use same megapixel,for compare against s7 u should put it in 12 mp for bigger pixels like s7

  2. 1 of the few reviewers who are honest about Xperias. most reviewers slag the phone and wonders why sony isn't selling well. gd job guys..

  3. I wish they would work on the front facing speakers but im still loving my xperia z2 thinking about upcoming soon,but i don't know whether to go with the z5 or xperia x

  4. Recombu must be the first tech site to make all those videos about the xperia x.Thank you for your hard work.!


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