Sony Xperia X: 3 things we like, and 3 we don't… | Pocketnow


Wrapping up our Xperia X review, here’s a quick run down on a few things we like about this phone, and a few things we think could use some improvement.

Xperia X First Impressions

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Sony Xperia X: 3 things we like, and 3 we don’t… | Pocketnow



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  1. I have an Xperia X and you're Wrong battery it's really good the phone manage the battery life very well, and the sound of headphones it's really amazing very crispy and clear, all you need a good pair of Sony earbuds I'm very happy with it

  2. The only "dont like" is often lost of good moments while run the video.. Hot issue.. Yepzz its real hot lol.. Feel free to suggest how to solve the temperature?

  3. someone should tell you not to touch the screen to focus or it will start object tracking, and then you will start complaining

  4. Hands down…stupides review i ever watched…bye bye xD
    If you are going to shit on THIS SONY CAMERA, you probably know shit about technology

  5. Review the phone now with nougat update.
    1. Headphone jack volume is awesome now. is better now…lot of manual controls now(shutter speed etc.)
    3.battery- i charge it up to 80% and for normal usage it's with wifi lives upto 1 day.
    but… i'm getting the proximity sensor turned on while connected to mobile data…that's the problem in nougat

  6. Summary:
    Hot Design
    Not Battery life
    Hot Stereo speakers
    Not Headphone playback
    Hot Performance
    Not Camera performance

  7. Dude i mean really you complaining about the battery when you have so many functions on in the notifacation bar

  8. Most of the viewers not mentioning the the new tech behind Sony X series battery.. Qnovo
    And the battery life are great because of the Qnovo new tech behind it.. I request you all to read about what Qnovo tech is
    Then say about the X battery life ..
    Remember capacity doesn't means high battery timing software optimization and other factors also comes.

  9. You know, I think Sony has a crappy 3rd party company that builds it's Experia line of phones. It's the only explanation to why Sony's DSLR cameras are the best on the market: Sony a77II, Sony a99, Sony a6000. Sony a6300. Not to mention their DSLR Lens line up: G-lens, Vario-Sonnar® T*, Distagon T* and their collaboration with ZEISS(an industry leader in Lens manufacturing) and yet they seem to just drop the ball on cell phone cameras. My $270.00 Sony WX350 can kill anything from their cell phone line up. It's very disconcerting to see with a $600+ price tag. Time after time, Sony is SHOOTING THEMSELVES IN THE FOOT! Come on SONY, STOP COMPROMISING!! If they don't do something in their next iteration, I believe that they finally have dug themselves into a deep quandary hole that they will not be able to climb out of. I say…FIRE their operations/products director!!


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