SHU UEMURA Rouge Unlimited Amplified Lipsticks: Try-On and Review


#ShuUemura has updated their entire #RougeUnlimited lipstick range with new packaging, and added 2 new formulas; #Amplified and #AmplifiedMatte, bringing the total shades to 155.

These launch on 2 Sep in Singapore and Amplifieds are satin finish with 135% the pigmentation content of their regular satin/creme lipstick, while Amplified Mattes have 120% of the pigmentation of original mattes.

Shu star shade #RD163 obviously comes in every single lipstick finish available.

Here are #swatches, comparisons, and a wear-test for those who want to know more about the new lines!

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  1. Thank you for doing this video. Every other video for this product has been in a language I don't know or understand and these products are simply stunning. Thank you again!

  2. I just got a couple of the Naomi collaboration so I was a bit salty to see the repackaging and new formulas, but the amplified lipsticks are gorgeous! I have one of the RD163 but I would definitely get another in amplified formula. And I agree that Shu has a lot of hero shades, but I love that there is a lot of variation in their shades – the #RD163 and #OR570 work for me, but for their corals and pinks I use shades a few steps away from their heroines.


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