ShopMissA AOA Studio Wonder Matte Liquid Lipstick – Lip Swatches & Review

Today we are going to swatch all 24 shades of the new AOA Wonder Matte liquid lipsticks! These are $1 each on Swatches start at 8:59

This video is also a collaboration with the lovely Nia Neuman from The Glossary here on Youtube!
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I will list the shades below that I liked and thought had a great formula, plus the ones that were either streaky or sticky for me.

Good formula:

Nom Nom


Music in this video (from YouTube Audio Library):
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27 thoughts on “ShopMissA AOA Studio Wonder Matte Liquid Lipstick – Lip Swatches & Review

  1. Love the video. Great info. Thanks for including ingredients. I did think something was up with the audio which was a bit weird. Might be on my end but couldn't figure out how to fix it

  2. I just want to thank you for including the ingredient safety breakdown! That can be such an important but neglected thing. You're so informative and hardworking, I hope your channel grows! 😀

  3. Great video! I am so sick of "reviews" that are just first impressions and don't even comment on wear or reapplication.

  4. I should have watched this before I ordered my colors! My skintone is very close to yours and I picked two of the most unflattering colors! AGH! Oh well, at least they were't expensive.

  5. this is like, my dream YouTube review. straight up, to the point, multiple skin tones, pros and construction, sweet.

  6. I just found your channel and I love your review videos!! It's really awesome that you show the ingredients too!! That's something that's important to me 😀. I subbed!!

  7. Thank you for the swatches!! Your knowledge of the research information you did is much appreciated. Honestly, it's dedication to do that and I am grateful for that. I hope God continues to bless you always of good things for you and those you love. ♡ Also, the colors are quite brown to most, but will definitely check out the other colors. Thank you lovely!!🌻🌼

  8. Hi! I know you've expected getting a comment from me so here I am! Love this video like always keep up the fantastic work!❤️💛💚💙💜❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟

  9. Wow you are so beautiful! Thank you for posting this. I just got mine in the mail two days ago and I wanted to give a review of them, but I was skeptical to do so. lol

  10. Great Video and very helpful review. I loved the way u formatted everything… How do your lips look so perfect between swatches, just trying 4 colors on my lips and I'm a big mess!!! 😀😀

  11. I LOVE your reviews, and the way you formatted this vid is sooo cool! PS – Crush completely dissolved my felt, too! Something evil is going on with the reds… :o(  PPS – I love our completely coincidental matching black shirts.  :o)  AWESOME video!

  12. I just placed an order on these but with the matching lip liner, did you happen to pick those up as well? 🙂

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