Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colors: Lip Swatches & Review


Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colors!
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  1. Well, that's what i am looking for a glossy long lasting lipstick. Usually, matte lipsticks are tooooooo dry and gives choppy lips on the surface. I am looking for 2 shades coral orange and warm neutral peach.

  2. As a colorblind woman I watn to thank you so much for describing the color- it really helps to know what will work on my fair/olive complexion!!

  3. GLAD I SAW THIS VIDEO !!! cause this is the lip swatches that I'm looking for, very clear and you can see the true color of it and also the texture

  4. I'm not understanding why everyone is upset that it doesn't dry matte. Revlon doesn't even claim these to be quick drying matte liquid lipsticks. They have a velvet finish, but look matte even when they're not fully dried. I personally love them. They look matte, don't dry out my lips, and last a long time. I'm still trying to collect them all. I wish they had a larger color range with darker colors, but that's my only complaint.

  5. I don't understand the negative comments. Yes, it is mate with a velvety finish. I bought them at Walgreen's with my own money and I must say that is a great formula, stay for so long and I don't even feel the smell. I have 4 and I will go soon to pick the other shades.

  6. I love these! I don't mind that they aren't completely matte because I feel it's makes them more comfortable to wear, the pigment is sooooo good I only have 'Love' but I need more!

  7. 日本にはない色がたくさんあって羨ましいです!💄💘✨
    Thank you !!!

  8. Great review as always. I bought Temptation and Flirtation and I am pleasantly surprised. I've had a hard time finding lip products lately that don't include ingredients like shea butter and other nut oils that I'm allergic to, so I was happy to try these. Also, scents normally really bother me, but for some reason I wasn't too bothered by these. I typically buy high end lipsticks, but I was so drawn to these by their packaging and colors. So far, really happy. They are not matte, but they do last longer than many I have, plus don't make your lips look dried out.


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