Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks: Live Swatches & Review


See all 20 shades of Revlon’s new Ultra HD lipsticks!
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  1. I love these lipsticks, except they have been cut in a strange way. The angle is too sharp. Thank you of posting the swatches.

  2. Whenever I am watching your lipstick reviews and swatched I feel like I'm in a Bingo game, I don't know why! Hahahaha. Thank you for uploading these, I appreciate it.

  3. Gladious is the closest I've found to be a dupe for charlotte tilbury 1975 limited matte lipstick 😩😵😆

  4. the colors look amazing but the packaging and the cut of the lipsticks,I don't like. I love revlon's classic super lustrous lipstick, the packaging is retro and elegant and the formulas are good and unscented. great review and swatches

  5. Man I was so sold on a few of these colors until you reminded me of the scent. I'm going to see if I can handle the scent.

  6. Your video is great as always! This product doesn't seem very attractive to me. For 8-9 bucks each I feel like they could have had a better packaging. Also, I don't know how they will be on the lips but the result of the swatches in several cases didn't seem much appealing to me. I know it's drugstore product but I think for the same money I could buy something better.I'll wait for your review on the site. Lol!

  7. The packaging isn't so appealing to me lol. These look slightly matte when swatched. What does Revlon describe the finish on the lips to be like?

  8. Shame about the smell. Yeah, not only is the packaging not user friendly it's also so inspiring. I might try one & see if I can deal with the smell.

  9. You have the best swatch videos! You definitely deserve a lot more subscribers than you have now! ♡ I was disappointed to see that most if not all of the lipsticks in this collection are more yellow based, I would have loved to have more of a variety like some blue based colors. The only shade I liked was snapdragon. Thank you for the video! I'll be saving my money and won't be picking up any shades ♡


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