Revlon Lipstick : Super Lustrous and Moon Drops + Lip Swatches


Revlon Lipstick : Super Lustrous and Moon Drops + Lip Swatches
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Today I’m swathing the Revlon Super Lustrous and Moon Drops lipsticks I own! I have a complicated relationship with these lipsticks and I was trying to find the best way to explain it.
I love the colors but the formula is “hit and miss” for me.
I love cream and matte finishes but only if they’re pigmented enough that they look good on my pigmented lips!
Some of them look gorgeous on and I love, some of them don’t look right alone!
For example, Sky Pink is really white base and doesn’t look right on my lips but Smoked Peach, which is also a matte, looks fine!
Same for Coralberry, it doesn’t look perfect on my lips plus it almost looks like a frost but I love Love That Pink!
Hope you enjoy
Em 🙂

Products mentioned:
Pink Pout – Matte
Sky Pink – Matte
Primrose – Crème
Pink in the Afternoon – Crème
Rosedew – Pearl
Smoked Peach – Matte
Coralberry – Crème
Wink For Pink – Pearl
Gentlemen Prefer Pink – Pearl
Softshell Pink – Pearl
Love That Pink – Crème
Lova That Pink (Moon Drops) – Crème
Persian Melon (Moon Drops) – Crème
Berry Haute – Crème
Black Cherry – Crème

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  1. I'm so sad because I can't find my all-time favorite lipstick. It is from about 2000 REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick Roseglow 115 Frost. Please help ❤️ 🧡 💛

  2. These colors are beautiful. I have bought the drugstore Revlon lipsticks and like so many they always are perfumey and taste awful to the point I usually look for new formulas, bought some high end Revlon Ultima II which they don't make anymore, I don't think. Merle Norman doesn't taste bad. I was wondering if Revlon lipsticks in the drugstore has changed before I buy any again. Can someone tell me if they still smell of perfume and taste bad? No one on any videos really ever talk about this. Am I the only one that finds some them disgusting and can't wear because of a bad taste? Thanks.

  3. I swear is there a color that doesn't look good on you. I could maybe get away with like two of these colors. You just seem to get cuter with each one. Thank you for another swatch video. I'm always defeated by lipstick.

  4. How can Coralberry be so (relatively) dark on you, as it's almost a nude on me! 🙂 (And a bit too bright to the boot, but then it is a True Spring lipstick.)

  5. Could you please indicate the shades you like in the description box since you mentioned that some were a miss for you? Thanks

  6. Love these- have to watch when I eat but so hydrating! All the colors look beautiful on you def want more. Mauvy nights will forever be one of my favs.

  7. If your background is white, please use black font or maybe you can highlight the fonts so we can read clearly. But before i bought revlon lipstick i watched your videos. You r so gorgeous

  8. hello emilyfox, you do have a gorgeous smile and are so very pretty. I am a senior who used to wear a Revlon lipstick called Super Lustrous frost Silver Fox Pink (#49). I can't find it anywhere and would like to know if you can recommend a color that might be very similar. It's a beautiful light pink with bluish tones. I am enjoying your videos. Thank you, JC

  9. Love that you did a video about Moon Drops lipsticks by Revlon! Million Dollar Red was the lipstick that started it all for me. It was my grandmas lipstick and the first one I ever put on when I was younger 💄❤️. It was such a beautiful red 🙂

  10. I only skimmed thru about 50 mssgs…I assumed the lurching trolls would be feeding here. Didnt find a one? Smh…what is your secret to remaining impervious to the windfall or mommy's basement dwelling losers. Do you own a douchebag cloak and if so how long does it work on a single charge? Love your videos!! ToodleLoo ! 😙😚😙😚😙😚😙


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