Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick ♡ First Impression / Review


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Nails: Julie G – Gift Wrapped

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  1. you're sweet but you sure do act like a blonde. you showed us the pretty color up front but not the name of the shade. facepalm

  2. I actually have the older version in the black tube, with the 4 gold rings on the lip tube. I even took my iPhone and zoomed in, to get the brand and found out, it’s revlon color stay blossom 72.

  3. Did anyone find the alternative to Revlon ultimate suede grape 07 shade, cause it's too expensive and I want to find an alternative for that?

  4. Revlon colorstay lipsticks are definitely worth the purchase. Been a fan of their colorstays since high school in the 90s. Who didn't love Revlon. Still iconic.

  5. It works best if you use a stain under it. Like, the marker stains.  I like the crimson ELF stain under Couture, the berry ELF stain under Backstage, and the fuchsia NYC stain under Muse.  

  6. I bought that lipstick in 030 High Heels. I also found it sticky after a couple hours and later into the day it felt very dry. My lips felt,chapped after removing it. Being a light pink shade it didn't stain my lips. When i do wear it, i use a gloss or balm on top after it has dried. I definitely regret buying it, even if i did snag it on sale for $7. I do agree that it would have been better to just spend a little more and get a higher end lipstick.

  7. I feel like so many people do these first impression videos and everyone's constantly looking for something bad to say about a product. It's like because it's drugstore, people automatically think it's going to be of lesser quality, which these days is definitely not the case anymore. Drugstore products are really giving high-end makeup companies a RUN for their money.

  8. i've tried it, really nice lipstick colours however like you say not a nice feeling when it gets tacky or the fact its so hard for me to remove. Iv'e been out and ended up with it settling in some areas and missing in others not a good look

  9. I find it odd that you had decided that the Revlon product was going to be of a lesser quality than any MAC product before you had even opened the package. It makes me think you are a bit of a brand snob and that that will affect your overall review of the product.

  10. i have the same color. I don't like the price. It lasts very nicely though through eating and drinking and overall wear. yes it does dry mate. all the ultimate suede ones do. I am not a fan of lipstick in general but I like these…what I do is put a light layer of clear lipgloss on top that way I don't feel the bit of 'stickiness' and it also makes it 'glossy' overall I like the product but not the price. -shrug-

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  12. Matte and has that certain feeling its at ulta right now for 6.99 and there's a 1$ off coupon that you can use anywhere

  13. I just bought this yesterday in High Heels. I wish I would've watched this before. It was an impulse buy though. It does have a tacky feeling, but I love the staying power. Great video Casey.

  14. It is expensive but I got 2 for free this week by buying 2 for $15.74. They are usually 10.49 at my cvs but they are b1g1 50% off this week. So I had a coupon for cosmetics for $4 off $12 and I also had 2 coupons from the red machine for $3 off revlon and I had 2 tearpad coupons for $1 off the lipstick. after all coupons I paid $3.74 plus tax. Not bad but since there was a ecb deal on revlon I got back 5 ecb's for buying $15 of revlon.


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