Provided for Review: Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint


These lip tints are really pretty and come with a huge colour selection, but there are quite a few similar colours!

Oranges 1.26
Pinks 3.17
Reds 4.50
“Browns” 7.23

Thank you to W2Beauty for providing this tints for review! You can purchase these tints here: (not an affiliate code)

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  1. How do u apply so nicely !! Whenever I apply and press my lips against each other, it gets into my teeth so easily and resulting them to stain on my teeth 🙁

  2. This was so helpful! I thought I kept doing something wrong applying this lip tint. I even prepped my lips by exfoliating too but they kept coming out patchy. ☹️

  3. i loved these but then i ordered what i thought were the same from etude house but they were really water and patchy DX

  4. Thank you for all your hard work swatching the tints! Your swatch videos are the best! I love your description of the undertone of each tint. It helps a lot when choosing which color to order online

  5. I bought or201 and it comes out neon pink on me… I bought it because I thought it would be a natural peach but it’s neon pink!

  6. I am a Korean. Usually when you translate English, your English pronunciation is really great. Nothing is wrong and it is pronounced correctly.

  7. Just discovered your channel. I’m from Australia (neighbours!), have pale skin, and love Korean beauty too. I subscribed immediately! May I ask where you got the gorgeous top in the intro with the red heart? It’s so gorgeous, and looks amazing with your pale skin and red lips. Thanks!!


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