DIGI-TEXX started as a data entry company 17 years ago, focused in German-speaking markets. Nowadays, data entry and document processing, still, are among the biggest parts of our delivery daily to customers. However, we process data entry projects differently, especially with the help of technologies. We believe in the combination of three fundamental dimensions for the success of any BPO project: Advanced Technologies, Human Talent and Process Expertise.

With the emerging of Digital Transformation, we refreshed and rounded up our portfolio with the Digital Services. This business unit centres on consulting and delivering Digital and Software Solutions, representing DIGI-TEXX as a reliable BPO/ITO partner to our strategic Banking, Insurance, Telecommunication clients. The coverage of our expertise includes fraud detection solutions, data standardization solutions with artificial intelligence and machine learning, data processing/management/analytics solutions for financially related decision making, e-invoice processing solutions and many more.

DIGI-TEXX offers a wide variety of business process outsourcing services at market leading standards that can and will be customized together with our expert management team!

• Data Entry & Document Processing
• Contact and Help Desk Center
• Digital Services
• Scanning & Archiving
• Software Development & IT Services

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