Official Sony Xperia X Style Cover Touch Case Review – Hands On


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In today’s video we’ll be taking a look at the Official Sony Style Cover Touch Case for the Xperia X. Coming packed with great protection and superb functionality, this cover is easily one of the best around for the Xperia X. Allowing you to view and interact with notification, this transparent cover takes smart cases to a whole new level. For this reason we’ve had to give it an impressive 9 out of 10.


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  1. I only just bought the case for my Xperia Compact X, as when I bought the phone it was 25 £, but now got it for 3 £, so thought I'd give it a go. I like it, it works over my screenprotector that I had already on it. 1 negative, the case isn't completely clear, the screen is a little bit blurry when looking at it with the case closed. So could be annoying if your vision is already not 100 %.

  2. I bought a case flip cover leather and can't get the settings to lock to the phone when I close the flap anyone have any advice? I can't find info on this anywhere

  3. Well put together! 👍🏻 Over here at Hip Hop Since 89 we value content and you have it. Great video! Check out our channel when you get the chance! #89

  4. Tell me where I can buy this case in India. Because in mobile fun website show its shipping costs is too high… Please help me…

  5. I have this phone and love it. But lack of cases for this model is shocking. Where's the decent cases for this model? Speck?

  6. Might be a good case but the price is stupidly high, over £50 for a case I can safely say I'll not be buying one, in fact I'm only looking at getting the Xperia X and this case price Is kind of making me look else ware for a different phone.


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