NYX SOFT MATTE LIP CREAM ⋆ Review + Lip Swatches (11 Shades)


another lip swatch video! i hope you guys enjoyed this one & if you did don’t forget to give it a thumbs up for my poor poor lips 😂

⋆ shades mentioned ⋆
: stockholm, abu dhabi, london, tokyo, istanbul, milan, antwerp, san paulo, addis ababa, amsterdam & monte carlo.

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⋆ whats on me ⋆

lips ⋆ “amsterdam” by nyx cosmetics
lashes ⋆ “boudoir lite” by house of lashes
eyeshadow ⋆ malibu palette by klara cosmetics
top ⋆ misguided
necklace ⋆ urban outfitters

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⋆ my gear ⋆

camera ⋆ Canon T6i 750D
edited on final cut pro x

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⋆ music ⋆

provided by epidemic sounds ⋆ detroit vibes

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  1. Thank you so much. This is very helpful for me as i'm looking for some affordable nude lipstick. London and Abu dabi look so nice.

  2. Oh my god thank you for the simple way of showing all those colors, other videos have weird lighting or effects and can't really understand what color they are. But your video is really nice

  3. i love this video but i think its a bit draggy eventhough i played it with a 1.5x speed. hopefully you'd improve on that for your next videos. sending all the love x

  4. Keep up with these awesome reviews for old but still bomb ass products please! Would love a review on their matte suede line too!!

  5. The only one I have is Cairo and I bought it off of Kandee's recommendation for putting in the center of the lips to create an "ombre" look on top of another color. It does the job! Not my favorite formula either, but I think I will try your top 3. Those shades are just gorgeous!

  6. Stockholm and London look so good on you! 🤩👄 I’ve always been a fan of this product. It’s like a more lightweight version of a matte liquid lip.

  7. This came out about the same time as when liquid lipstick trend started. When it first came out, I really love it. At that time, too many of the liquid lipsticks were too drying and this doesn't. However, these days, so many other liquid lipstick formula have improved, not so drying on me, and I just don't reach for this anymore. Except for the colour London. I usually used London to tone down some of my darker liquid lipstick. It works perfectly with any formula!!

  8. Prague is my favorite shade. There's nothing out there like it. I was a little frustrated today because it wore off in the middle and all I had was a line around my mouth. I only drank water, so I was surprised. I hope it wasn't like that during my presentation. The tube is probably too old. Time to restock! Any tips to make it last or wear off evenly?

  9. Stockholm is one of my absolute favorites! I saw a picture of you wearing it on instagram. You looked great with the color 🙂

  10. Woah I just purchased one of these last week, what a coincidence! I definitely recommend trying out the shade Leon!!! Its my everyday wear and I really think you would like it too ☺️.

  11. This is helpful!! I actually hope you can swatch the other shades because other reviewers on YouTube aren’t Asian so they’re not as helpful as you ❤️

  12. My absolute favorite soft matte lip cream is the shade Rome! You should totally try it! It’s like a darker browny mauve nude that is a beautiful everyday color if you dab it on! Loveee your channel

  13. the prices of these have been going up in my country. it used to be 12 dollars in 2013/2014 but now its 16 dollars?!? nyx is getting pricey

  14. Love seeing you test out different affordable brands, would love to see a video on Makeup Revolution/ The Ordinary!

  15. Surprisingly, I have never tried nyx lip prodcts before(I mostly use colourpop or bourjois ), just the lingerie once and that's bit too dry for me. Seeing all the comments loving Abu Dhabi, I might grab one in the future. Always love the great quality of review!

  16. I love these lipsticks! Abu Dhabi is my perfect everyday shade. The butter glosses are amazing too if you are looking to try ^_^

  17. Thanks for doing this video!! you’re the only YouTuber I trust and I live in a really small country and nyx just launched this year so…. definitely will watch your reviews on their products ✌🏻💕 love youuuuu~


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