Nokia Steel HR smartwatch Review


As far as hybrid smartwatches go, not a whole lot has traditionally been expected out of them. Smartphone notifications are a given, and unlike other hybrids we’ve seen, the Nokia Steel HR has these covered – at least…

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  1. This watch lacks some of the features of other fitness trackers.❋>す   That is okay since it achieves what is required, tracking more or less the amount of activity of the person wearing the watch. Yes, there are more accurate models but it really doesn't matter all that much. We are humans, not robots after all. It has a beautiful finish, a quality feel, and a battery that doesn't require constant recharge. I like it.

  2. My review after wearing this:

  3. Hi may I ask if bluetooth on the phone needs to be always switched on when using the watch? Like for the time to be running and to receive notifications.

  4. Great video thank you. Bit of a random question does the watch give some indication that it’s charging? I’ve just inboxed mine and put it on charge for the last 4 hours and it’s still on 61%

  5. btw they should make possible this screen to show what is inside like in open hearth watches of course i mean fake animation

  6. My first one stopped working and I got them to send me another one. Soon after I looked down on the new one and kabam!….I saw the glass had cracked. I wasn't aware of anything that I did to crack it. It stopped working soon after.

  7. Can you replace the battery once it's completely dead or do you have to buy a whole new device, like some smartphones force you to do?

  8. I use the Steel HR for a year now. I'm super satisfied. I didn't want a "real" smartwatch because I don't want to be "connected" all the time. I also like the classic look of a normal watch. The App is very easy to use. Since I've bought it I usually try to walk at least 10'000 steps a day. I think it did help me get healthier. It's also good to keep track of your heartbeat while running.

  9. I used it for a year but I didn't know how much better an Apple Watch can be. Apple Watch doesn't work if you don't wear it and you can read messages and the HR steel isn't capable. I compared the tracker of both in this video.

  10. First smart watch that I'm actually interested to buy it 🙂 glad that Nokia stay behind this product. For little nostalgy 🙂


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