Nokia Steel Activity Tracker – REVIEW


This video was sponsored by Nokia Health, the makers of Steel Activity Tracker. Get your Steel Activity Tracker here

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Nokia Steel Review

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  1. what if the software wont update to the newest android like maybe 15years next? how to set it up manually?

  2. I bought this watch for the purpose of tracking my activity✹✹>   I absolutely didn't want to purchase something that needs to be charged daily. I really like the looks and the feel of the watch….which is the best part! It looks like a watch

  3. Thanks Jim, bought this for a birthday gift after watching your review, it's an older smart watch but still good for the money, thanks mate

  4. By the walk, folks, 50 meters of water resistance ratings for watches DOES NOT literally mean 50 meters. I wouldn't go swimming with this. Please do not go swimming or diving with this.

    That explains all you need to know about watch water resistance.

  5. Is it just a activity tracker, or can I use it for notifications? IDGAF about activity tracking, I just dont want to have to pull my phone out all the time.

  6. Is it me or this review didnt go into battery life, at all… i dont care abotu the spec, but about the real time. This is paid review ? lame stuff


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