Nokia N98 Revealed (Rumors)


Nokia N98 Rendered and Revealed (Rumours)

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  1. @frederico179 You are wrong, the nokia n98 is not even official, and if you don't know Nokia said that they won't be working in series N97, because the new generation was the N8 so where the hell you come with such a dumb idea, anyway I prefer apple !

  2. I researched this for a couple days. Here's what I came up with: To unlock I'd say the best free way is with SoftUnlock. com If you want to jailbreak it go with softjailbreak. com

    You're going to love the fact that they are free and work great!

  3. only 4gbs of phone storage the droid 2 has 8gbs of phone storage and it comes with a preinstaled 8gb micro sd card so thats 16gbs of storage!! proves apple sucks huge ball sack when it comes to phones


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