Nokia N93i Unboxing 4K with all original accessories Nseries RM-156 review


This phone for sell:

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This video shows original box content and a quick presentation of Nokia N93i. All the accessories in this video are the ones given by Nokia with a new phone.
Accessories numbers (codes) are in the video.
Box contains phone, battery, headphones, charger, USB cable, TV-Out cable, wrist strap, CD and manuals.
This phone comes from german market.
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  1. Brilliant! This is actual innovation! The phone can be worked at like 4 different angles. These days we do have quality, speed, and software stability with smart phones, but we had to compromise the innovative built factor to accommodate that. Worthy trade off?

  2. before an era of smartphone, this is the best phone with camera i used in university for about 3 what a good old days!

  3. I LOVED this phone… it was supposed to be my first contract phone and I had ordered it specifically, but when I went in on the day they told me to pick it up and sign the contract, the guy who sorted it all out for me hadn’t come into work so I had to deal with some other slimy b*stard, he told me that they couldn’t get the phone I wanted and convinced me to get the Ericsson k800i (I think) as it had just as good a camera apparently. The next day I got a call from the first guy to tell me that the phone had arrived the day before but he was sick but if I had the time I could come sort out the contract whenever, so i explained what happened and he got a bit pissed off with me for getting another contract, I pointed out that I did just explain that the guy who was there the day before TOLD me that they couldn’t get the phone. I ended up bumping into him at a pub a couple of months later and he explained to me that the reason the b*stard guy told me that couldn’t get the phone and sorted out a different contract is that they worked on a commission basis and if he had followed through with the phone I actually ordered originally, he wouldn’t have gotten any commission. I was so angry! And they guy who dealt with me first was too as he had obviously lost out on his commission too…

  4. The good old days when phones were a statement of style and fashion. So much work put into the craft. Unlike now, notch? No notch? Fingerprint or face unlock? “NO headphone jack. We need to squeeze all their money of if their pockets”.

  5. هو غير يجنن ومتطور شوفي غراض اشكد وياه وكماليات للجهاز رووعه نوكيا وجهاز متطور الى حد الان

  6. Wonderful design. Quality in every single piece. Even the tiny ones. Each device of Nokia breath quality and excellent design. No matter how we try, our moddern phones with thousand cameras, and hundreds megapixels with giants screen, NFC conection and yet look like to be far to do what nokia did with 3" screen, 3.2 megapixels cameras, infrared conection and high durability battery devices.


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