Nokia N90 Unboxing 4K with all original accessories Nseries RM-42 review


This phone for sell:

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This video shows original box content and a quick presentation of Nokia N90. All the accessories in this video are the ones given by Nokia with a new phone.
Accessories numbers (codes) are in the video.
Box contains phone, battery, 64mb MMC memory card, headphones, charger, USB cable, wrist strap, CD and manuals.
This phone comes from polish market.
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  1. Antique ^^ I want a fully mechanical electronic phone for myself with a mechanical interface, like a good old watches, but as a phone. I would call this phone as a "Steam Phone One" or "Steam Phone Zero", yeah – Steam Phone Zero

  2. I was in high school when this phone came out and I was begging my mom to buy me one but she never did. I never had the chance to own one. 😔

  3. São os melhores aparelhos que foi uma pena ter saído do mercado, eu adoro esta marca,. Muito boa e continua sendo até hoje

  4. I had one of these the battery life was absolutely terrible had my music playing and after every song the battery status went down a bar. 5 songs it was dead.

  5. the disaster about this phone when i sent my phone to change the casing. it was disaster . the installer even has to use glue


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