Nokia N8 Nseries 2017 -Flagship With Sliding, Bazel-Less Display, Dual Back Camera, Ceramic Bodyᴴᴰ


MWC 2017 Appears Nokia N8 Nseries 2017 with a very unique slide-out keyboard

At about 23h tonight Nokia N8 2017 will officially launch, this is a smartphone technology is very much expected by technology, although recently, designer Nobita has launched a concept Nokia N8 Nseries 2017 with a very interesting design. Taste, unique.

Accordingly, new upcoming smartphone Nokia N8 2017 is designed with flat edges look very strong, rounded edges are soft round. Especially the edge of the ultra-thin machine, both the upper and lower edge. In addition, the Nokia N8 N Series 2017 bottom of the screen is a long Elastic Home button, which incorporates a fingerprint sensor.

The most distinctive and creative aspect of this Nokia N8 2017 concept is the sliding keyboard on the bottom, with this keyboard, when the user is in any mode, even when the computer is off, just slide down. The Nokia N8 2017 calling interface will pop up and you can press the key to call, it’s convenient.

About the configuration, new Nokia N8 2017 is equipped with Snapdragon 821 chip, 4 GB RAM. The new Nokia N8 Nseries 2017 flagship will come with 64 GB ROM and the front-facing camera is 12 MP and 24 MP respectively. In addition, Nokia N8 also has built-in speakers on the bottom, 3.5mm headphone jack and USB-C port.

NOKIA N8 is a 2017 Flagship With Sliding Keyboard and Unique Metal Body ᴴᴰ

New upcoming NOKIA N8 Nseries flagship With Sliding Keyboard and Unique Metal Body. upcoming smartphone NOKIA N8 2017 with Full Metal body Appears With Sliding Keyboard And Extremely Unique Metal Body Design.
New NOKIA N8 2017 with full metal body and sliding keyboard made by
Designer Nobita Đat has launched a concept design of new Nokia N8 2017 with extremely interesting taste and originality.

Nokia N8 Nseries 2017 Phone Specifications, Features and Characteristics

Android 7.1 Nougat
5.2 inch display
QHD Screen
Sliding Keyboard
Unique Metal Body
Snapdragon 821
24MP Main Camera
12MP Front Camera
Built-in Speakers On The Bottom
3.5mm headphone jack
USB Type C Port
4100mAh Quick Charge Battery


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