Nokia N series History ||N series all model mobile||Nokia N70,N73,N95,N8,And N9(2005-2014)


Nokia Nseries History || Nokia Nseries all model mobile || Nokia N70,N73,N82,N95,N8,And N9 (2005-2014)

History : replaced in 2011 by the Nokia Lumia line as the company’s flagship smartphone portfolio.

The Nokia N1 tablet was introduced in November 2014 and so revived the ‘N’ prefix, but it was not marketed as ‘Nseries’.

On 27 April 2005, Nokia announced a new brand of multimedia devices at the press conference of mobile phone manufacturers in Amsterdam. The first three Nseries devices introduced at the conference consists of N70, N90 and N91. On 2 November 2005, Nokia announced the N71, N80 and N92, and on 25 April 2006, Nokia announced the N72, N73 and N93, and on 26 September 2006, Nokia announced the N75 and N95. On 8 January 2007, Nokia announced the Nokia N76, Nokia N77 and Nokia N93i. On 29 August 2007, Nokia announced the N95 8GB, N81, N81 8GB, and on 14 November 2007, Nokia announced the N82, the first Nokia with xenon flash. At the 2008 GSMA held in Barcelona, the N96 and N78 were unveiled. Two new Nseries devices were revealed at the end of August 2008, the Nokia N79 and Nokia N85. On December 2, 2008, Nokia Nseries announced the Nokia N97. On February 17, 2009, Nokia announced the Nokia N86 8 MP, which is Nokia’s first 8-megapixel phone. The Nokia N8 with 12-megapixel camera was announced in April 2010 and on 21 June 2011 Nokia showcased their Nokia N9 based on MeeGo OS, their fourth non-Symbian Nseries device (after N800, N810, N900). The Nseries was retired and replaced by Lumia that year. The company introduced the Nokia N1 tablet on November 18, 2014, which marked the return of the N prefix, but ‘Nseries’ branding has still been absent.

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