Nokia Lumia 635 unboxing


Cam unboxes the budget-friendly Windows Phone 8.1 device by Nokia. The Lumia 635 is priced aggressively and seeks to bring the best of Microsoft’s latest OS to the sub-$200 market. It’s a solid, plastic device with a removable back and MicroSD expansion. Its display isn’t the best, and it’s lacking in a front facing camera, but it generally feels pretty good.

Like many mid-range phones, it’s powered by one of Qualcomm’s Snapdrgon 400 series quad-core processors and appears fast and smooth on first boot-up. Does it have what it takes to beat the Moto G, or similarly priced gadgets? I certainly think it’s a great attempt.

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  1. My brother bought a nokia lumia 635 from at&t. But after using some days he sent me that phone in Bangladesh. But now I can't use the phone. Phone need a pin. So how can I get the pin to unlock the phone. Can you help me please???

  2. what the nokia lumia 635 NEEDS 1. A front facing camera 2. a flash on the back of the device near the camera and 3. 1 more button on the device idk what it would do but it would do something.

  3. this dude Is going to be amazed when he has sex with a non plastic woman . one day little fella you'll score. keep your chin up and Pokémon card collection down

  4. uh oh. I want one for Christmas but my plugs arnet that size…….😫😫😭😨😱😱🙊🙈🙉💩

  5. I have the phone and I think it is amazing, really good I got mine for about £70 and it now has cortana! But I was a bit disappointed when I realized it doesn't have a front facing camera


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