Nokia Lumia 635 Review


Lisa Gade reviews the Nokia Lumia 635, a very affordable Windows 8.1 smartphone. The Lumia 635 is remarkably inexpensive: we look at the T-Mobile version that sells for $168 full retail ($129 on Microsoft’s store), and AT&T also offers a GoPhone version for just $99. The phone has a 4.5″ IPS display running at 854 x 480 resolution and the quad core 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 CPU with 512 megs RAM and 8 gigs of internal storage. The phone has a removable back and battery, a microSD card slot compatible with cards up to 128 gigs and a rear 5MP camera. Other features include 4G LTE, single band WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0 and a GPS with GLONASS.
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  1. this phone is a outdated piece of shit no vids no front camera its ok if your 9784 years old so if your not exactly that age don't buy one..

  2. The older Nokia Lumia 630 is a way better phone than this. I have both and the performance of this one is much inferior. The processor is laggy, the screen not as good and it crashes alot. The 630 is buttery smooth in performance and far more solid.

  3. Got this Lumia 635 for 99 cents, it sucks. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone except maybe your grandparents or something

  4. My 635 won't stay at a website longer than 3 minutes then goes back to icon page. No wifi. Any assistance is appreciated.

  5. it's a piece of s*** phone according to T-Mobile every time I have an issue I call T-Mobile T-Mobile tells me the phone is not good because it's out of date and it's a bad fall you should upgrade now how you speak about your partners

  6. Had this phone but lost it. Was just wondering what the current version of it available in shops at the moment is? The upgraded version so to speak?

  7. this phone fuckin sucks so much holy shit I'm only saying this because i had it for a year.The app store is trash and dont be expecting any updates for media apps like messenger or facebook.Its so laggy that you wanna stomp on it on some concrete.

  8. I had this phone before i got a Samsung Galaxy Grand prime and let me tell you the battery life is freaking terrible do not get if you , need something battery friendly

  9. I had this phone for a year and I was actually quite sad to let it go. It was a solid phone and I loved it. Biggest drawbacks would be the lack of apps and front camera.


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