Nokia 3310 (2017) review: A week with Nokia nostalgia


The new Nokia 3310 set the internet ablaze when it was announced back in February at MWC 2017, but will anyone actually buy this and use it as their main phone?

The answer is yes, some people already have. But anyone who excitedly reads sites like TechRadar to see the latest in smartphone innovation is unlikely to swap back to an old school feature phone like the new Nokia 3310.

For the purposes of reviewing, I did exactly that. I’ve not used a feature phone as my daily driver since before 2009. That’s apart from the odd festival jaunt where all I’ve cared about is battery life and sending text messages to find out where my mates are hiding.

If you’ve bought the new 3310 or plan to, let us know!


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  1. Great video. I am going to buy this. I have never found smartphones useful and will never use them other than for calling and texting. The reason you had trouble with using your existing phone plan on this was the Nokia 3310 3G is a GSM phone and your provider is a CDMA network. Much of the UK may still use CDMA networks. I am Canadian and in Canada and the United States, we use GSM networks mainly. Though a couple of carriers in the USA may still use CDMA networks.

  2. I have a 3310 the alarm is terrible you have to go to music to choose a certain alarm song and it doesn't play it for long only for few sec until it stops along with mp3 you cant do anything but playing and stopping them and you can't unlock your phone if you had a phone call if you put a password so you cant change the volume up or down phone numbers pop on the main screen even if you locked it and disabled the notifications without mentioning the terribly slow internet surfing and the YouTube that always fails plus the Facebook app doesn't work you have to open it from Google it also work on 2g so not very good service and notes doesn't take much letters so you have to make more than one or two to write what you want so yeah it is not worth it ,get a nokia 3330 for 10 £ its better as a backup phone and cheaper than the 3310 old.

  3. This dude has got to be the worst reviewer on techradar. The phone was NOT designed to be a smart phone, nor to kill it, nor to emulate it. It was designed for people who want to limit their smartphone use. Buying it expecting a full smartphone experience is not gonna work out for you.

  4. I still use mine, its indescribable to say how nice it is to "switch off" the bombardment of social media and be able to look where Im going without bumping into people, yet still contactable if needed.

  5. Just to let you know that you can transfer .jar have via Bluetooth. U have already installed GTA San Andreas +

  6. Is this one of the stupidest reviews ever? Has to be a joke.
    App Store??? Maps? It doesn’t have a gps module. Buy and use a map.
    Back in the day people typed very fast on the T9 keypad. Almost without errors.

  7. Why are u talking like a van racing a WRX. It's a phone designed to be basic. People be thinking oh when is the screen going to be bigger…… that's when we said goodbye to these phones years ago. We want to go back. Back when life was less distracting. Lol. But I recon u were interesting…U would do a good travel show

  8. typing on nokia 3310i was better cause you just had to remeber where the keys where like on a pc. you could look in another direction and type every singel word rigth, try to do that on a smartphone it will be horibel.

  9. Definitely I need my life back, the only thing I'm wondering is if it's possible to send messages on Messenger app or via Facebook app. Just because I work with international people and I need to communicate with them. Does anyone know how it works?

  10. Damn those Iphone fan boys are crying all over the place.
    Who can blame them? I mean it must really suck that a brand new Iphone X max can't even out perform the old Nokia 5110 from the 90s in battery life. What Nokia could do in the 90s (creating a battery that actually lasts, and a phone that actually can deal with cold weather) Apple is still sort of working on in 2018..
    Nokia by default.

  11. Internet? I thought the whole point of switching to a phone like that would be no need for a data plan….
    Was I wrong?

  12. One question, can I hook that phone up to a PC, and down load a list of contacts from, say, my google account?

  13. Silly angle here, holding it up against the smartphone use case. The 3310 is nothing like it, Nokia knows that – everybody does. Except, apparently, TechRadars's reviewer.

  14. How about testing like a regular phone for sound quality, loudness, ring loudness? It's not meant to use like a smart phone.

  15. 1) How is the outdoor sunlight visibility of its screen/display?

    2) Which Nokia feature phone has the best visibility outdoors?

  16. i have been using it for a few months now and i dont care is people say that its dumb or something (get it?) i really enjoy it

  17. Thank you. I was looking for a phone for my son that does talking and texting but not really internet. Looks like this is the phone to get if you want to limit kids and teenagers to certain access of items.

  18. Fun fact: I used an original Nokia 3310 made in 2001 literally 2 or 3 years ago and survived and i didnt have a laptop or tablet and the only computer access i had was at school so i would be 100% down with the new nokia as my phone and have no qualms whatsoever


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