NEW Wet N Wild LIQUID CATSUIT Matte Lipsticks! Review & Swatches


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Wet N Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Liquid Lipstick

Hi loves!! I am so excited to announce that I have found the BEST drugstore liquid lipstick under $5!!! They might even be DUPES for Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks (Which you know I love!) I hope you enjoy my review on the NEW Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit lipsticks! I am blown away by the quality and color selection of these products. As always thank you so much for watching!!




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Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit Liquid Lipstick – $4.99

Nudist Peach
Coral Corruption
Rebel Rose
Give Me Mocha
Berry Recognize
Flame Of The Game
Missy and Fierce
Video Vixen
Goth Topic


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Nails – Essie Perennial Chic
Top – H&M
Choker – Forever 21


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  1. Hi beauties!! I have a slight colorblindness where I cant differentiate between browns/greens/purples sometimes and you are all very right the last shade isn't brown lol… So I am sorry for any confusion! Please recommend some BROWN lipsticks for me!! Also don't forget to please thumbs up this video so I can see that you've been here! YT is being so weird to creators and apparently unsubbing people and miscounting views?? Anyways I think liking your fav YouTubers videos and making sure you are subscribed/notified will help a lot. Love you!!! xx

  2. This product has been around since 2016?? I just found this product in Target. I bought Rebel Rose. LOVE THIS STUFF. It dries on my lips and stays on through eating, drinking, whatever! No more touching up. I hope Wet and Wild still makes these.

  3. I love give me mocah , reble rose, Missie and fierce and berry recognize bought these and looks good on my skin tone and I'm light to medium skin tone kinda close to hers

  4. New subscriber I was looking at a magazine ad & it had a comparable shade & I couldn’t believe it was Wet N Wild which I’ve used their lip liner for 20+ yrs it’s ALWAYS been my go to liner.. and to know it’s a matte that doesn’t come off or feather is awesome! Plus comparable to Jeffree Star but on a budget! Ty so much. I ♥️Jeffree but I am all about a bargain!

  5. I have a shade of the wet n wild , I can personally attest to the smudge proof thing.
    Once that lip dries , it stays for flipping EVER .

  6. Hey i am ur new subscriber all the shades r looking stunning on u 😍😍😍i have ordered give me mocha loved it ♥️

  7. Great review! I'm a fan of this liquid lipstick as well. The red is my favorite red lip product I own. The formula is wonderful. I haven't tried video vixen but I know when different pigments are added to the base formula it can alter the performance of the formula. It is why different shades can sometimes be patchy or streaky by comparison to the rest even though they're the same formula. The only thing that changes are the color pigments being used. I've noticed that it tends to be the same shades, with different brands, that end up being problematic.
    Another lipstick in brown that you may like is by NYX and it's called NYX Suede matte lipstick in Cold Brew and has matching lip liner for sale as well. It's a beautiful cool toned. Brown with the slightest hint of grayish plum and I love it . The formula is long lasting as well.

  8. I HATED video vixen I thought it would be a brown but besides that it was sooo streaky I just couldn’t do it lol

  9. I like the color of this lipstick very much especially the berry recognize, its also long wearing however I really hate their smell 😭

  10. The only lipstick I've ever had by wet N wild Is video vixen and Goth topic. OMG I can't believe how they are!! I love how the applicator is curved and the lipstick lasts soooo long, it's crazy! it will not come off unless I use makeup remover. I've bought MAC, lipstick, Sephora, and other high-end brand lipsticks and it never lasts on my lips more than 45mins, every time I would drink or eat something it would just off some and I had to keep reapplying it. It was horrible.. but with this particular wet N' Wild megalast matte catsuit collection It doesn't do that to me it actually stays on for hours I freaking love it.. All that other expensive ass lipstick people are just really paying for the name. 😂🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ I can't wait to buy the other colors of this Wet'Nwild collection catsuit. It's amazing.

  11. OMG so this is so late and I'm not sure if you're still looking for a good brown lipstick, but the matte liquid lipstick called, 'Covet' by Milani looks and smells just like chocolate cake batter. It's such a deep brown, cheap, and very good quality as well. 😁

  12. I do not like these!!! They don’t completely dry down!!!!! They stay tacky and I hate it…
    THEY ALSO ARE SO FUCKING HARD TO GET OFF OH MY GOD I Scrubbed with a makeup wipe for like 3-4 mins straight.


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