Well hello again, lovely ladies!

Today I have a swatch and review video of the Wet n’ Wild Liquid Catsuit Matte lipsticks. These are currently available on Wet n’ Wild’s website, as well as at Walgreens. There are 13 shades in total, but unfortunately I was only able to find 12 of them.

Overall I think these are beautiful and worth trying out! If you do pick some up, let me know what colors you buy & which ones you end up LOVING!

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– Nudie Patootie
– Coral Corruption
– Pink Really Hard
– Rebel Rose
– Give Me Mocha
– Berry Recognize
– Nice to Fuchsia
– Oh My Dolly
– Flame of the Game
– Missy and Fierce
– Video Vixen
– Goth Topic

Music courtesy of Epidemic Sounds



  1. Thanks!! This brand is kinda new in my city and I want to give it a try! All shades look sooooo good on you 💜

  2. I really like your video!! Maybe its not related to the video, but I like your teeth, not common to see beauty bloggers without veneers.

  3. Finally bought 8 shades of colors…..i did not get the dark colors glad i did not buy it….thank u u beautiful….i hope its kiss proof water proof and last longer i paid $4.69 at walmart target too much $6.97

  4. 30 secs into the video & already subscribed…could tell just from your smile and the way you talked that I would like your vid – in fact, I loved it! And I also really appreciated how in depth you went talking about the lipsticks in the beginning, it's good info to know before buying (even if they are only $4.99 lol)!! All these colors looked gorg on you 🙂

  5. Hehe your like me the pale colors always make me look sick looking. I have Mocha and Berry color love them. Looks like need try to Fierce one next been needing a nice red color doesn't make me look like a clown.

  6. I have Rebel Rose Nice to Fuschia Berry Recognize and Video Vixen.
    Rebel Rose looks AWFUL on me but gorgeous on everyone else!! It's so light and dull and since I got it at WalMart I can't return it. Video Vixen is a pain (patchy) so maybe Wallgreens will let me bring that back so I can try Gimme Mocha and Goth Topic (the one she is wearing) LOVE these! And I can afford the high end stuff but prefer a large collection of these for less than the price of one lol

  7. I was looking for a person with a closer skintone to my own for swatches…thank you!!!!! Still not exactly right, but closer than most!!!!

  8. Hello … I've liked this video because it's good, unfortunately I just watched it when I bought this product and I guess I got the wrong shade…
    I'm totally newbie in cosmetics because I'm a teenager…. I bought 923B (pink really hard) and I regret it… First, because I had difficulty applying this lipstick because the texture is so fast to dry…second, because it doesn't match my skin color so i want a tips for mixing this…

    I don't feel confident with it but i can't throw it away… Is anyone willing to help me? I really appreciate it and thank you so much! 🙏

  9. Bonita!!! I love that fact you have a fuller & plumper lip. Not thin but just right to see the actual colors/look.. Not saying you have big lips just full lips.

  10. The color she didnt swatch is called "Nudist Peach" It looks pinkish in the bottle but actually turns out more of an orange when it dries. I have that one and it is pretty good. Hope this helps people 🙂

  11. Perfect review! I saw your thumbnail and clicked because you had a similar skin tone to me. I just got one and wanted to see if the others would look good on my skin tone. Turns out your favorite one was the one I got–it was fate!

  12. LOL, your face for Oh My Dolly! I'm pale and cool toned and I love that one, LOL! Give Me Mocha is amazing on you


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