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#LIPSTICKWEEK is half way done!! Today is a vid on the new Revlon HYPER MATTE lip mousses! Such an interesting formula!

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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse – Spice, Sunset, Scorpion Red, 100 Degrees

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  1. Hi the krys cam, I made timestamps for your video. Hope your subscribers feel helpful :)💖

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    REVIEW: [1:32] REVLON Ultra HD HYPER MATTE Lip Mousse

    [5:49] REVLON Ultra HD HYPER MATTE Lip Mousse – Scorpion Red

    [6:49] REVLON Ultra HD HYPER MATTE Lip Mousse – Spice

    [7:49] REVLON Ultra HD HYPER MATTE Lip Mousse – Sunset

    [8:25] REVLON Ultra HD HYPER MATTE Lip Mousse – 100 Degrees

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  2. The original Revlon HD matte with the matte silver cap in Love (looks a lot like Scorpion Red but more cool toned) is one of my favorite red liquid lipsticks even though it doesn't look matte unless you blot it and it doesn't dry down at all but it's so comfortable, it isn't streaky like Infatuation which is the other shade I own. This sounds like an improvement on the formula with the powdery finish you mention. Girl you should try the Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks! They are great, the matte and creme formula are my favorites.

  3. For q/a i have a weird question😊… If i use face mist on my bare face it feels very refreshing but if i use after make up my face become oily… I have combination skin and i use lavender mist… How should i use or should i change the mist for after makeup(i tried cucumber one also, it makes make up cakey)?

  4. If there's anything you need to try from Revlon it's their super lustrous lipstick in Toast of New York! You will love it if you like terracotta shades. It's more of a cream formula rather than matte though. The Ultra HD gel in Arabica is also a really good terracotta, but it's even more of a shiny/hydrating formula.

  5. I don't skip review bcz if the formula is not good i don't buy the product… So review is necessary… Colours are gorgeous 👌🏻


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