NEW NARS Spring 2019 Collection Lip Glosses | Lip Swatches of ALL 9 New Shades!


NEW from NARS! The Spring 2019 collection from NARS Cosmetics is coming very soon and they are extending their much loved lipgloss line with nine new shades so today I am sharing some lip swatches. Let me know which ones are your faves and what else you want to see from this collection! Thanks for watching 💋

NEW gloss shades launching at NARS on 2/14!

What’s on my eyes?
Nabla Dreamy Palette*

What’s on my nails?
OPI polish in Hawaiian Orchid*

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Intro + End Card
Saturn Sunset
Music by Nico Anuch – Saturn Sunset –

Lip Swatches
Music by ninjoi. – Passin [Thematic Exclusive] –

Greenscreens credit:
Greenscreens by JanTube Editing

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  1. When will you be uploading the multi use glosses review? I'm super interested in them! Also, do you know when they launch? I can't find them anywhere. Thanks!

  2. Please oh please! A video on the glosses and maybe incorporate the cheek palette into the look. I like to layer powders and creams. It always looks beautiful on the skin.

  3. Can you compare the blush shades to their other palettes? This one looks stunning! Thanks for always keeping it real!

  4. Thank you for all the great swatches and reviews! I always get what I expect to get when I use your videos as a reference for shopping online.

  5. OMG I can’t wait to see the other videos too! These are so pretty. I can’t really afford NARS but I do have a gift card for Sephora and Ulta (Plus points saved up for Ulta) I might have to splurge on this line

  6. Beautiful as always! This mama says Thank you! love you so much 🤗😍 Love the colors 💋 looking forward to video on multi use ones.

  7. I'm interested to see any comparisons between this cheek palette and the holiday ones. I was bummed when I couldn't get one, so if this one is similar I'm down to drop some money on NARS this spring lol

  8. Fever beat and pulsion are my fav! Yes please do a video on the other products. Those multi use glosses sound interesting


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