Today, we’re testing out a new liquid lipstick from Marc Jacobs called the Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme. Is it worth it?!

My favorite nude lip products:

Products mentioned:
– Marc Jacobs Liquid Lip Creme (It currently says that it is out of stock on Sephora)
Hot Cocoa
Slow Burn
Shush, Blush
Yours To try


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  1. Your mom and I have the same problem ! My lipstick (even the liquid matte one) won't ladt more than 3hours lol 😂 but I don't mind I'm used to it

  2. I'm late. I'm in love with Slow Burn. I have the liquid lipstick, liner and traditional lipstick… trying not to get backups . Yes. I love it that much!

  3. I just got one yesterday after the woman at the store suggested a shade for me and it was just 37$ where I live (in Canada too), so I suppose that it is different everywhere. As soon as I've tried it on, I loved the colour that she had picked for me and it felt very nice- nothing too thick (very light weight)… I actually tried on the same colour as your mother. 🙂 It is very hydrating too! I am glad that I've gotten mine. I just have to see if it wears out during the day, or if it does stay on 24hrs like the female at Sephora told me. I think if you really want a good lipstick that lasts on all day- this is the one! If you don't like spending too much, perhaps get something else… By the way, those shades looks lovely on you both!

  4. In Mexico that's not expensive anymore, that price it's like the less expensive you're going to get, because the dollar is rising up so much, and the peso is the same way, we are paying double the price of the things and that includes make up of course, the "drugstore make up" maybelline and stuff, for example If you're paying $5 US for it, we are paying (if I put it in dollars) like $15 US for the same thing, so imagine how much does it cost high end make up for us? That lipstick could be $85 for us 🙁

  5. I'm confused – it's $28 here in the US, why would it be $50 Canadian (you said $40 once and $50 once so not sure which it is)…did the drop the price?

  6. 2nd time watching this still want to say that your mom is just elegant! btw, the shade shush blush, is there any gold glitter in it? I'm gonna order it now.

  7. These seem like an expensive verson of the Revlon matte lip creams. They have almost the exact and finish, wear time and color selection.


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