New LANEIGE Layering Lip Bars – All Lip and Arm Swatches plus Review!


#LANEIGE has just launched their new 6-layered #ombrelip bars, and these beautifully stacked rectangular tubes promise a more intense color payoff and a better gradient on the lips.

I’m a fan of the original #TwoToneLipBars, but I do often need to use a finger to mix the two shades around on my mouth because they don’t always ombre that nicely when applied. Will these intricately-made 6 color lipsticks solve that problem?

00:17 Comparison with Two Tone Lip Bars
01:01 Pricing and Arm Swatches
02:56 Lip Swatches
03:01 Cream Swatches
06:37 Matte Swatches
08:14 Final Thoughts

Eyes – Colourpop Sweet Talk palette
Cheeks – Charlotte Tilbury First Love, Becca Champagne Pop

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  1. Amazing! Never knew the two tone existed! Def will try moody red and stubborn rose <3 Can you add links to buy in your description? Tx!

  2. Thank you so much for doing full swatches! The Layering Lip Bar cream shades supposedly have that MoistureWrap™️ thing that Lip Sleeping Mask has so maybe dry-lipped folks out there can comment if they notice the difference 😀 I just really enjoy how slick and glossy the cream formula feels, and no dry flakies after prolonged wear too.

    EDIT: grammar

  3. Beautiful swatches! How did u find their mattes? I’m surprised to find myself gravitating towards the mattes. Usually I shun mattes cos I do not like to have a “raisin” looks on my 💋 lol

  4. First they brought out the Two Tone Bars… and now there are Six Tone ones??? What do you think of the new millefeuille-like LANEIGE Layering Lip Bar lipsticks that look more like rainbow dessert than makeup?

  5. Moody red and stubborn rose looks so good on you! And 15 onwards they suits you pretty too. 😂 Well anything goes well with you lah, haha.


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