New Etude House Colorful Vivid Tint Lip Swatches and Review


#Kbeauty brand #EtudeHouse has just launched their new highly-pigmented, skin-friendly #ColorfulVividTints, and these vibrant liquid-gel stains are formulated to be smoothing and #plumping, instead of just being superficially glossy-looking like generic gel stains.

The 10 fun fruit-themed colors are intensely vibrant and can all be worn translucent as a K-style gradient stain or full-on for a more dramatic lacquered look. While they aren’t meant to be “long wear” products, the staining effect does mean that your lip look will stick around through some eating and drinking.

01:13 Arm swatches

01:29 PK001 Apple Watermelon
02:07 PK002 Maraschino Cherry
02:55 PK003 Double Bubble Gum
03:25 PK004 Raspberry Rhapsody
03:50 OR201 Ruby Red Grapefruit
04:10 OR202 Tasty Tangerine
04:34 OR203 Iced Persimmon
05:05 RD301 Newly Harvested Apple
05:32 RD302 Fresh Cherry Tomato
06:00 PP501 A Basket of Blackberry

06:34 Final thoughts

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  1. Always fun swatching new lip gels, lip stains, lip lacquers, liquid lipsticks – whatever you call them – from Korean makeup brands because their color choices are always so bright and fun. Which are your favorite shades from the new Etude House Colorful Vivid Tint range?

  2. Great lip swatches! I hope we start getting more Asian makeup and beauty products in the US. My son is going to Hong Kong to visit his girlfriend in June. I'm making a list of makeup I want him to bring back, lol. Hopefully he can get some Etude House products!

  3. Lol..
    I'm not the only person that always throws things down 😂😍❤ Love your make up in this video, and these colors really flatter you 😉

  4. The fail at the beginning tho haha 🤧For EH I love EH BB cream but sadly they're too light for my skintone :'( Their lipsticks are cute for sure. PK004 I ❤ that color on ya!


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