NARS Velvet Matte VS. Satin Lip pencils – Dolce Vita, Cruella, Bahama, Rikiguen


I finally “settled in” (a little at least) to my new place and had time to sit down and do a video, I wanted to talk about the Nars velvet matte and satin lip pencils. I know a lot of people love these, but I have quite mixed feelings and find there are quite big differences in performance between the two finishes.

There are some downsides to this kind of lipstick in a pencil formula, and especially with the lipsticks being quite soft. But these are also beautiful products, which fit into any bag and are super comfortable to wear. In the video, I show you swatches of each shade, as well as how they look on me (as a super fair and pale ghost person). They truly do have some fantastic shades. I filmed how long each individual shade stayed on (Dolce Vita, Cruella, Bahama and Rikugien) and how it wore after several hours as well, as there are differences between the shades (and finishes).

I really recommend you sharpen these as well, it is super simple to do, and would absolutely suggest using the Nars pencil sharpener.

Hope this is helpful to you, should you consider buying/trying any of these! Thank you for watching 💖💖

Ruvi xxx


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  1. I really need to say that you have such STUNNING eyes! Also, I absolutely love Dolce Vita as well, it's the perfect nude for me and these lip pencils are SO comfortable I forget I'm wearing them, which certainly doesn't happen with other lipsticks!

  2. Your new place looks great! Very pretty background! Ooh..drunk in the dark def isn't a good look! Know exactly what you mean!😮😬😊

  3. Loved this video! I like the look of matte colours on other people but whenever I wear them they look dry and I end up having nothing left on my lips 😂 love satin lips though as you can layer it when I starts to come off! Loved the bright red shade

  4. I don't like the pencil where your have to be sharpen the tip over and over again I agree with you it defect the pursues of being practical very good review 🙂

  5. :)! You are my beautiful friend too! I love that you wanted to film a video for us! Always love watching them! Your hair looks great:)! I don’t think you look like an alien demon! You’re way way prettier! I want you to do my hair like yours! Oh no I hate when stuff bleeds:(! I have that issue with my eyeliner. I’ve yet to find one that I like. I Wouldn’t want that to happen on my lips either. Oh no, wouldn’t want that to coat our hair by our lips either. That Wouldn’t be a pleasant site. I’m So thankful for your reviews. You can tell how honest you are! I love it. That sucks that you have to replace it pretty often. I can picture the sharpener making you go through the product faster.. I’m glad that they don’t go flaky though! I feel like my lips are more on the dry side too. I could see how you buy them for their shades! Looks very nice on you! I liked seeing what they looked like hours later.really does look amazing on:)! I Always enjoy knowing the names of different make up products. that would suck whenever a chunk falls off! Maybe one day they will put their shades in a normal lip stick holder. Loved this video! 👍🏼❤️

  6. Love your braided hair and you always look so put together. Thanks for honest review and such a breath of fresh air on hearing the negative first. Great comparison and “lipstick on mustache” cracks me up lol

  7. Ugh, thanks for your honesty! I would hate to waste so much product when we have to sharpen 🙁 Love Cruella on you!

  8. Firstly, how stunning do you look girl?! 😍😍😍 And congrats on moving into your new home! Wishing you many years of happiness there 🏠💞💞 Thanks for a great honest review. I’ve been considering trying out these stick lipsticks so it’s good to know the pros n cons. Also great advice about using the sharpener from the same brand as I’ve experienced the pencil breaking as a result too. TFS hun. Have a great start to the week! 💞🌷💞🌷💞

  9. Great reviews! Love how honest you are. Matte and liquid lippies are really bad for me, so this is really interesting! Interesting about the colours. I like a bright red look, so that's a really interesting shade that is it a bit in between a red and a nude! I love that you shower them on as well including wear test! Great tip about the sharpener, I agree! PS love your hair in this video!

  10. Loving your makeup! I have supper fried lips too! I feel like it’s always dried! So I need something that doesn’t dry it out! ❤️❣️ I’ll have to try it!!

  11. Congrats on moving!! The setup looks really good right now, but I'm pretty sure you'll make it even better!
    You are so pretty and I completely loved the video ♥

  12. Ahh I love your hair 💕 I usually like matte lipsticks personally. That red looks really really good on you btw! 🙌🏼

  13. i love your hair style here Dear and you look so beautiful always.. u made me wanna buy this Nars.. thanks for sharing Dear

  14. Congrats on your new place! I feel you on that! The braids are cute! Not an “alien demon”… 😂🤣 these look beautiful on. Love your makeup! Do you use these with a separate liner?

  15. OMG, you are soooooo beautiful. I totally love NAR products. Great comparison. Love it. Thank You so much dear for sharing ❤️


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