NARS PowerMatte Liquid Lipstick Try On and Review


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NARS Powermatte are £23.00 Each

NARS Powermatte Get in on

NARS Powermatte Done it Again

NARS Powermatte London Calling

NARS Powermatte Get Up, Stand Up

NARS Powermatte Light my Fire

NARS Powermatte Star Woman

NARS Powermatte Under my thumb

NARS Powermatte Rock with you


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  1. Thank you , I was just debating to buy this lip paints or not , going back and forth on site. I am going to buy couple os them now as nothing stays on my lip more then two hours and hopefully this will . your opinion values a lot to me. Second to last color you were wearing goes just perfect with your makeup .

  2. I know its a bit late,but i want to know how do you handle when it transfer? I got rock with you and starwoman(freebie). I really like it but couldn't bear how it transfer to anything my lips touches. Thanks much.

  3. I bought one color at Ulta and I loved it, getting a few more. I think you should cut your hair. It will look lovely.

  4. Go on Sam have it chopped off! I'll have mine cut this week! I want your hair colour as well so I'll show them a pic of you haha! xx

  5. You're so beautiful, Sam! The brown was my favorite color on you! Don't cut your hair! It's so prettyyyy!!

  6. It's so obvious you're not into YouTube anymore. You're throwing together these quick no real content videos just for something to upload. If you're over it just let nick takeover .

  7. Sam, before you throw your top out, try baking soda and white vinegar. Dampen the shirt, then shake a little baking soda on the stain and let it sit for a while. spray the vinegar on top. Let that sit for a while. It's worth a try if you love that top and it's irreplaceable.

    Alternatively, chunk that top in the trash and go treat yourself to a new one!


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